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september 2012

Yoga For Boys With Manly Woes

Bharat Thakur
Adolescence is a turbulent time for both boys and girls. While the physical and emotional changes they go through are developmentally appropriate, it comes tinged with a passing phase of agitation. In boys it generally manifests as aggression, rebellion or mood swings.

Yoga can help adolescent boys channelize their conflict of emotions and calm them down. The Yoga that is appropriate for them is designed to be active and dynamic and use up excess energy in a fun way. It also teaches them techniques to cope with their unique issues – insecurity about their changing bodies, the enormous pressure to fit in, stressful schedules, issues of control and authority, and uncertainty about their beliefs and their future.

Strength, balance and focus are mostly to be kept in mind in Yoga that is packaged for them. A regular practice of the following postures will help in keeping the body healthy and strong, the mind alert and calm, and shifting hormonal levels under control.

Ardmatsyendra Asana
  • Stimulates the nerves running along the spine.
  • Paves the way for blood to circulate in a healthy manner throughout the body.
  • Energy can flow unimpeded to the brain.
  • Tones and balances the sex glands.
  • Improves the overall energy levels and minimizes mood swings.
  • Develops strength, balance and coordinative abilities.
  • Brings clarity and precision to the mind making it sharper and focused.
  • Induces mental and physical relaxation quickly.
  • Restores the self-confidence that is often lost due to the rapid changes in a teen body.
Pawanmukta Asana
  • Releases accumulated gases from the abdomen.
  • Frees the body of unnecessary toxins
  • Massages and relaxes the abdomen, back and butt.
Janu Sirsasana
  • Stretches and relaxes the back, hamstring and shoulder
  • Brings down anxiety levels
  • Reduces the incidence of headaches
  • Corrects the body alignment.
  • Helps to make the person feel grounded.
  • Improves posture, strengthens thighs, calves and ankles
  • Prevents flat feet and adds the much wanted inches in the growing years
Backward Bend
  • Activates the nervous system
  • Strengthens and increases the lung capacity
  • Stimulates the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands.
Mool Bandha
  • Builds core body strength
  • Increases energy, mental clarity and concentration
  • Builds the health of the sexual organs
  • Delays the degeneration of the pineal gland
  • Tunes the release of sex hormones to the right state of mind and emotions.
Bharat Thakur is Renowned spiritual guru, Founder, Artistic Yoga, New Delhi.