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Water Detox

Dr Adrian Kennedy

A water detox programme is also referred to as a water fast or a purification fast. Water fast is a process adopted to purify the body by ridding it of toxins and flushing them out by consuming water only, and maintaining a fast during the period. Toxins, in the context of this article, are those substances in the body that are detrimental to our health. They may come from the chemicals and preservatives used in food, from inorganic minerals and contaminants contained in water, from environmental pollution through the air we breathe, and so on.

These are also referred to as free radicals that destroy the cells in our body, resulting in various diseases and illnesses, ranging from immune disorders such as asthma, to functional disorders such as arthritis and kidney related dysfunction, to liver disease, hypertension, migraines and even cancers.

To prepare yourself for water detox, during the day before your start: you should eat uncooked vegetables and fruits only. This reduces the levels of toxins in the body. Most people however use the night before as a starting point, by eating fruit only. During the detox period of 24 hours, only distilled water is preferabally drunk. Intake of water should not be less than 2 litres and need not exceed three litres maximum. For the experienced and initiated, the period of detox will include normal daily activity, even while rest and meditation is preferred. The beginner may however feel lethargic, sleepy, have headaches and feel dizzy during the period of fast. This usually subsides with water intake. However it is always prudent to consult your doctor before embarking on a fast, especially if you are on any medication. The end result of the day’s detox will usually be a feeling of heightened energy. The 24 hour water fast usually ends with a glass or two of fresh fruit juice.


Benefits of water detoxification

• Eliminates and reduces toxins
• Clears the blood stream of fats and chemicals
• Improves joint lubrication
• Enhances function of body organs
• Improves brain function and induces relaxation
• Reduces calorific intake
• Speeds up transportation of hormones • Eliminates waste from all body tissues
Prof Adrian Kennedy is Consultant, WellnessRx, International guru on health, wellness and lifestyle medicine and guest faculty for Harvard Medical School, USA

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