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March 2012
Vacation Time !
Prarthna Tiga
Is your crew ready? Pack light, pack essentials and leave enough space in your baggage for souvenirs …

Planning a vacation involves many variables like weather, duration, destination, activity level, and if you have kids with you --- fun can’t be missing! First, you need to decide what kind of trip you wish to take your kids for?

Sun, sand and water!
This indeed is the best and the easiest way to relax, have fun and spend time with children and family. Carry some tubes for kids to play in the pool. Give them some basic tools such as an empty pail, bottle and shovel and they will use every bit of their imagination to build sandcastles.

If you want an action-packed vacation for your active kids then look for crazy fun activities like canoeing, kayaking, camping, hiking, wildlife safaris and snowboarding. Kayaking can be fun around Thailand, snowboarding around Europe and body surfing off the shores of Costa Rica. Fun and adventure can keep your family busy and happy throughout the trip!

Culture and sightseeing!
This could sound very boring but riveting – museums, cultural events and /or exhibits can catch the imagination of your kids too. Try visiting a local museum to see if your kids take interest in artefacts and relics.

Essentials to pack for a vacation
  • Swim shirt - best for applying sun tan lotion and keeps the body warm if you’re swimming out of season in a temperate pool
  • Baby carrier and backpack – life savers at airports, elevators, streets
  • Fabric high chair – to hold the baby up and seated comfortably on a
  • First aid tapes – easy to apply on toes and fingers where kids are most likely to get hurt or bruise themselves
  • Babies: Plastic bags, wipes, diapers
  • Toddlers: Wind-up toys, finger puppets and cardboard books
  • Everyone: Light weight jackets, earplugs for the sensitive, analgesics, gum, medicines, flashlight and first aid kit for emergencies

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