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A Race to Remember
Sakshi Kapoor
Corporate executive Sakshi Kapoor was completely taken by surprise when her fiancé, real estate investment banker Nitin Kapoor decided to take her for the popular Himalayan motor sport race - Raid de Himalaya - for their honeymoon. Read on to find out about the Delhite couple’s off-beat romantic trip, as recounted by Sakshi Kapoor.

When one thinks about planning a honeymoon, the first thing that comes to mind is a cozy hill station, romantic beaches, luxurious trips, long walks, mushy conversations, and being at your best, as that’s what you want your partner to know about you, right?
My husband (my fiancé at that time), however, proposed the idea of participating in Raid de Himalaya. Sounds different, unique and even crazy, but that was my honeymoon gift from my husband.

Honestly, I was skeptical, but then he left the decision to me. I thought about it, sat down one night and started jotting down the positives and negatives about the whole idea – the risk factor involved, the finances, our family’s reaction, and what not! Then I realized a honeymoon is all about knowing your partner better, as you have to spend your life with him and life is not a bed of roses for anybody. A rally would give both of us a chance to develop trust in each other’s words and decision making capabilities. With him going to be the driver and I the navigator, we would have mapped the roles we were going to play in reality as a married couple. Then I decided this is the ultimate feel factor that can bind us better.

So our honeymoon was all about getting up at four in the morning, putting on loads of clothes (mostly dirty), mufflers, monkey caps, without taking a shower, or may be without even brushing our teeth and getting in the car and driving for 12-14 hours in some of the world’s most inhospitable terrains. Our conversations included, ‘0.25 left hair pin, 0.75, 3 ft huge dip, a dip with water, tarmac ahead, rock fall area etc etc etc.’

There were a lot of situations where he had to trust me for my directions and I had to trust him for his driving skills, especially at times when it seemed like there was only a two-inch difference between life and death. That was the time we realized that life is also like a car rally where we both have to work together to accomplish life’s goals. The rally taught me to trust my partner and not doubt his potential, and not blame each other for what went wrong or could go wrong.

  We’ve been with each other in the worst of our appearances on our honeymoon trip for eight days. Yet it was fantastic and fabulous.

  1. The story behind Raid-de-Himalaya and its twin motoring event Desert Storm as summed up on the web site is, “filled with tales of victory of the human spirit over all odds, varied stories of the participants over the years have shown that the human body has the capacity to be pushed beyond comprehension if the mind can be conditioned to hold on. At a more simplistic level people have called the Desert Storm ‘a race‘ but truly it is much more than just that. It is a platform that enthusiasts from every walk of life, engineers, teachers, doctors and even film stars meet to test their spirit of adventure. Not only does it test your driving skills but your ability to navigate in off road conditions, to strategize your competition plan and your level of physical endurance over very extreme and hostile weather and terrain.”
  2. Raid-de-Himalaya draws many participants not just from India but also across the globe. There have been some who’ve even biked across the English Channel to participate in this race
Sakshi Kapoor and her husband were;participants in the Raid de Himalaya.

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