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2 Best Beaches for a Romantic Getaway
 Nidarshana Saikia Das
Sun. Sand. Sea. What if you have just rhymed it for the 758th time - if you let that inner eye wander, or even better, if you quickly reminisce the last time you went-there-did-that - this sworn-by triad will sure make your heart tootle!
Especially, when you have your beloved for company and if it is this time of the year… Rrrrromantic, you bet!!! We bring you two such idyllic Asian favourites – Maldives and Langkawi.

Where: South-West of Sri Lanka
Best season: December to March
Did you know: No prior visa is required to enter Maldives
Spa Stays: Angsana Resort Spa, Taj Exotica Resort Spa, Four Seasons Resort, Huvafen Fushi, Banyan Tree Resort

Why go there
You may have never been there, nor heard about the destination adjudged most romantic at the recent World Travel Awards, neither is Outlook Traveller your Bible. Why is it that the very mention of this place sets your romantic imagination shooting for the stars? An archipelago of some 1190 coral islets, 26 atolls, 87 exclusive resort islands – impressive, eh? and with Maldives’ medley of water sports and seafood, scenic charms and secluded haunts, romance sure finds every reason to efflorescence.

See & do
Scuba dive or snorkel down the coral reefs, swim through shoals of multi-coloured fish and make sure you get it all filmed – you will love to watch yourself do the Discovery Channel stunts you’d so gape at! Sounds too wet an idea? Opt for the submarine then.
“Seafoodies” H.O.G.! You may as well carry back home some of that nirvana-to-your-taste buds in the form of chipped dried tuna fish and vacuum packed smoked fish.
  1. Go island hopping!
  2. Take a dolphin watching cruise. At one of world’s top five destinations for whale and dolphin watching, spotting them is more about observation than luck! Still, ‘lucky’ would mean you’ve seen the Killer Whale or the highly acrobatic Spinner Dolphin.
  3. Go for a fishing trip by night – whether you catch any fish or not, you definitely would relish cuddling up under the star lit sky.
  4. For the best scenic view, book yourself a seaplane tour.
  5. In case you want to chip in a wee bit of history and heritage into your trip, visit the National Museum, the President’s palatial office (Mulee-aage) and the Grand Friday Mosque.
  6. For an ideal Maldivian experience, you may try the overwater bungalows perched right above the lagoon.
  7. Do not forget to build your castles by the sea. In sand of course (Wink!)

They soak, rub, soothe and heal the city-chafed you at the spas in typical Maldivian style with coconut, white sand, native flowers, tropical fruits and herbs (could even be Ayurvedic). To it, add your doses of marine adventure and beholders will be left wondering what romance it must have been to inspire such glow! Didn’t mamma say: Health is wealth!

Where: North-West of Malaysia
Best Season: October-November or April-May
Warning: Mosquito infected!
Spa Stays: Sheraton Langkawi, The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa, Langkawi Lagoon Resort, The Datai Resort, Tanjung
Rhu Resort

Why go there
What would you call a place that is Corbett in the morning and Goa by night? No prizes for guessing this one right! Another archipelago of some 104 islands, Langkawi, they say is “Malaysia’s best kept secret.” Till you discover it, that is! How does sunny white and black beaches, where you have downpours without warning, a sky-bridge across a 700m deep chasm, duty-free shopping, feeding eagles, totally sequestered and laidback destination et al, sound for temptation?

See & do

  1. The cable-car ride that will leave you both huddled as you whiz up a 42 degree to the Gunung Mat Cincang at 709m! Once there, fill your lungs with the freshest of mountain zephyr and take a walk through the clouds on the curvaceous suspended bridge.
  2. Feed sharks at Pulau Payar Marine Park (also popular for water sports) and eagles at Kilim mangrove area, watch men and crocodiles wrestle at the Crocodile Breeding Farm at Datai Bay and make sure you try the “kiss the croc”.
  3. Go scuba diving and snorkeling at the Tarutao National Park.
  4. Catch your dinner and cook it too! Shrimpz Prawn Farm (also includes horse rides and farm tour) is the name to cram.
  5. If “early to bed and early to rise” is not expecting too much from a romantic vacation, go bird watching and canopy trekking which includes rappelling (only if you love Spidey).
  6. Rent a boat and go exploring islands – Pantai Cenang (check its marine aquarium with a tunnel to walk-through) and the Island of Pregnant Maiden (a dip in its freshwater lake and you get pregnant – kidding of course!) For some eerie adventure, hunt down the latter’s haunted (so they say!) cave.

Pamper yourself to the oil-free Thai Massages at the Spas that relax the muscles and realign the flow of energy throughout the body. Another balmy experience would be to go for home stays at Pulau Tuba where local fishermen rent out rooms and chalets. Except for the basic facilities, live like a primitive couple and come back rejuvenated!


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