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12 Grandma's Remedies to Fight the Winter Blues
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 1
    Sore Throat

    Mix a tablespoon of tulsi (basil) leaves, half teaspoon of ground black pepper, one teaspoon each of honey and the juice of ginger. Grind to a paste and have thrice a day. The relief is instant.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 2
    Joint Pains

    Grind six pods of garlic, and half teaspoon of powdered carom seeds (Ajwain). Add two tablespoons of hot mustard oil. Massage painful joints morning and evening with this very warm mixture for relief from winter pains.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 3
    Dry Skin

    Whip the yolk of an egg and blend it with one tablespoon of papaya paste. Apply this to the dry skin for about an hour. Rinse thoroughly with a mild soap and see the dryness disappear to leave behind a glowing skin.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 4
    Winter Cough

    Mix one teaspoon each of ground cinnamon and cloves, with one teaspoon each of ginger juice and honey. Add half a glass of warm water and have thrice a day for curing lingering winter cough attacks.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 5

    Squeeze the juice of two lemons and mix with one tablespoon of honey. Now add one tablespoon (no, certainly not more) of brandy. Have it with half a cup of warm water every night and your bronchitis will disappear.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 6

    Massage the bridge of your nose in a downward movement, with your thumb and index finger dipped in heated coconut oil. Massage your temples with the same oil for instant relief.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 7

    Dampen a Q-tip or cotton rolled on a matchstick in hot water and then dip it in a bottle of glycerine. Apply it gently inside both the ears without going deep. Remove after a half hour. Earache will disappear by the morning.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 8

    Boil one cup of water and add a teaspoon of tealeaves, one teaspoon of mint leaves' paste, two cardamoms, and strain. Drinking this twice a day will not just banish indigestion but also cure cough and cold.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 9
    Stomach Cramps

    Take a teaspoon of ajwain (carom seeds) and grind to a fine powder. Mix one tablespoon of honey and four tablespoons of fresh cold milk with this. Drink this concoction thrice a day for quick relief from stomach cramps.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 10
    Cracked Lips

    Mix one tablespoon of thick edible cream (preferably malai) and blend it with one teaspoon of a paste of rose petals. Massage the lips every night and rinse in the morning. Cracks and dryness will instantly be cured.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 11
    Cold Feet

    Solve this problem by taking half a bucket of warm water and adding two tablespoons of salt to it. Dip feet in water for half an hour. Dry and massage them thoroughly with warm coconut oil.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Remedy 12

    Take four tablespoons of yoghurt and mix with one tablespoon of olive oil and the juice of half a lemon. Gently massage this into your hair and scalp to remove flaky skin. Shampoo and condition your hair after half an hour for dandruff-free silky hair.
  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana
    Cold weather means falling temperatures and dropping body defences. Banish winter blues with some tried and tested grandma's remedies...

    - Nutan Sehgal

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