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November 2009
The Fruit of Indulgence
Sherry Roy
Iopened my eyes, feeling like a piece of papaya floating in a bowl of fruit salad. Amidst orange dreams, the smell of ripe papaya filled my nose, and I try to answer those essential questions of life: Main kaun hoon? Main kahan hoon? (Who am I? Where am I?) Self awareness slowly dawns: I am not a papaya (not yet, at least)

That Fruity Feeling

I am a human being, lying face down in a spa and the masseur is rubbing a freshly cut ripe papaya all over my body. No, he doesn't have anything against me; in fact, I asked for this to be done. I was being pampered with the Papaya Body Polish. The papaya pulp contains an enzyme known as papain, which softens and revitalises the skin to be silky smooth. The fresh fruit pulp is gently massaged into your skin, then wrapped and left for a while to be absorbed. This sweet smelling body wrap moisturises, and softens the skin to a high level of freshness. Even to a cynic like me, this does quite something. In fact, you begin to love it.

The Serena Spa at the Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad Airport, leaves no stone unturned to ensure a memorable spa experience. We are talking about hot stones here though (warmed and rubbed over your body for an hour and half) – yes, the Soothing Hot Stone Massage. It is believed that watersmoothed stones collected from the river beds of South India harness the vitality and energy of the waters that have long washed over them. The deep penetrating heat of the stones combined with traditional massage strokes does relieve tension and sore muscles.

Serena Spa
Modern lifestyle has made life more efficient perhaps, but also stressful - and with less time for human care and interaction. Travelers set high standards in their quest for a human dimension in a hectic schedule - the spa. Hotels and resorts, like the Novotel, constantly develop to fulfill these expectations with increasing sophistication. With nearly 400 hotels and resorts located in the heart of major international cities, business districts and tourist destinations, they should know. The Serena spa here is a spacious 7265 sq ft space (which includes a salon). The spa is complete with a couple massage room with shower and steam, five massage rooms with private showers, herbal bath, pedicure and manicure room, relaxation area, relaxing chairs, a back and foot massage room, separate male and female changing area equipped with steam, shower and ice room and a large reception area. The spa is a sanctuary designed to peel away the layers of daily stress with select restorative and rejuvenating therapies that combine the best of time tested holistic treatments. Their treatments draw inspiration from the rich heritage of ayurveda, European health concepts, aromatherapy and traditional home remedies found throughout South-East Asia.

The Massages
The spa's range of energising and relaxing body treatments restores your senses, connects every inch of your body and makes you feel that you are living life to the full again. Specially trained therapists use natural oils, scrubs and scents in anti-stress, slimming and rejuvenation packages: take your pick from among the Marma Body, Mind and Spirit Massage, Serenity Full Body Massage, the Anti-Stress Head Neck and Shoulder Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, the Aromatic Back Massage, or the Sports Massage. Couples can opt for the deeply relaxing Adam and Eve Serenity Massage.

The Marma is an ayurveda inspired massage with aromatic herbal oil stimulating the marmas (pressure points). This full body massage begins with the balancing of the head's marmas followed by the body's points massaged by the therapist's feet and then by hand with long sweeping strokes. The treatment concludes with a healing, herbal body mask followed by a warm shower.

So the next time you are cruising on India's longest flyover (11.6 Kms) leading to the Hyderabad International Airport and your flight happens to be a bit late, remember that there is a place minutes away – where you can be scrubbed, wrapped, cleansed and moisturised from top to toe and all around. And maybe even get a slice of papaya.

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