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June 2011
Cool Massages For Hot Summer
Divisha Saran
Special massages and body wraps to keep you cool and relaxed in the scorching summer months… Imagine having cold buttermilk poured on your forehead in a continuous stream from an urban pitcher. Or being massaged with soft linen bags stuffed with crushed ice. Or, for that matter, having your face and neck washed ever so gently with cool buttermilk.

Special massages and body wraps with herbal oils and other concoctions guarantee to keep you cool and relaxed in the summers, besides getting you back in shape, restoring lost vitality, curing chronic diseases and detoxifying and rejuvenating the whole body system.

Summer massages essentially draw the heat and stress out of the body and make you feel tension-free. The experience incorporates an array of classic treatments.

All the treatments are designed to pamper and indulge, heal and nourish, restore and rejuvenate and most importantly have a cooling effect on the mind and body in summer months.

Nasyam—To Draw Heat Out of Body
Take for example the Ayurvedic massage called Nasyam, which draws the heat out from the body. Here the upper body, from shoulders up, is massaged and made to perspire. A herbal potion is simultaneously blown into the nostrils. Besides cooling the body, the massage is said to benefit people suffering from a host of problems like sinusitis, migraine, cold and chest congestion.

Dhara—The ‘Cool’ Flow Therapy

The other Ayurvedic massage considered beneficial during summer months is Dhara or the flow therapy. Besides keeping you cool,it banishes fatigue and listlessness, which are washed away in a continuous stream of medicated oils and buttermilk poured gently on the head. This special massage is also recommended for people who suffer from lack of vitality, poor memory, insomnia, chronic headaches, ear and nose diseases and spondylitis.

Chamomile & Lavender Body Massage

This is a special treatment for the skin that has been exposed to the sun and it helps One of the very popular treatments during summer is called the Surya Cooling. cool it with a chamomile and mineral lavender body massage. Apart from that there is a cooling scalp treatment as also a cucumber body mask.

Cooling European Massage
Another massage that is very popular in some European countries (especially France) is called the Mimoza massage. It is perfect for cooling off after a long hot day. The massage is said to be as cool as the breeze from the coast of France. It has all the benefits of a full body massage and stimulating effect of a potent algae body wrap. Four unique types of algae are powdered and diluted with menthol-infused water for cleansing and cooling effect, which will leave you relaxed and re-energized.

Cucumber & Aloe Vera Body Rub
This is a rejuvenating body rub, which first nourishes and refreshes your skin with the cooling and toning effects of cucumber and Aloe Vera. Then the whole body is massaged using palm pressure to concentrate in creating energy for the whole body and to drive out the heat.

Indeed, a massage in the heat of the Indian summer can both be cooling and soothing. A visit to a special massage parlour or a spa during the hot months is surely an experience worth cherishing. The soothing ambience enriched by the smell of aroma oils, soft music and dim lighting not just makes one feel completely at ease but also ready to take on the scorching heat of the summer months.

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