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February 2011
Romancing on Valentine’s Day
Rod Anker
Everyone loves to love! Making the one you love happy is not only rewarding on an emotional level but essential in any relationship.

Too often we get caught up with work, career and life’s commitements that we neglect to add value to our relationship and make each other happy. Yes sure you say “ I love you, or I miss you”; but words are just that…words. Which one would you prefer? The utterance of the words “ I love you”, or saying nothing and sending a hundred red roses to your loved one at work. For a lot of people, the latter speaks volumes more effortlessly.
Display of affection in public is a relatively new concept in India and I am not saying one should go crazy. However, I am sure that a bunch of flowers or chocolates arriving at your wife’s, husband’s, girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s office apart from the immediate embarrassment will bring about a good feeling.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Surprises
  • Give him/her 365 red roses delivered on Valentine’s Day, simply with a note saying “ I need you every day”
  • Give your loved one a spa voucher or book a spa treatment in advance. Good spas have a couple room, why not have a massage together.
  • If your lover has always wanted to go to a particular restaurant, book it and surprise him/her.
  • Jewellery has to be the favourite amongst many, and to be honest is always appreciated, but please make sure you go the extra. Size does matter here!!
  • The ultimate, book flights, hotel and spa to an exotic destination, make sure passports etc are all in order. She will go crazy and will be the envy of all of her friends!
Matters of the Hair
Hair on Valentine’s night has to be romantic, has to be easy and above all has to be unique. Nothing is worse than going on for dinner and finding out that everyone there is wearing the same clothes or the same hair.
If you have long hair then put it up that night; the look will show your neck and be seductive and sensual. If you normally do not ornate your look with crystals or stones,then why not get a unique hair piece that will dazzle and sparkle in the candle light.If it is normally straight, then why not have a more tussled natural loose curl look!

Valentine’s Day does not have to be expensive. Go out of your way this year and make the person who makes your world feel special. After all we never know when the last moment will be so take the time now and show them!
If you don’t have a loved one, I suggest you go to the florist, get 100 roses and send them to all the people who you share your life with! It will put a smile on their faces.

Rod Anker is Creative Director, Kimrobinson Salon at Amen, New Delhi

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