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April 2010
Metaphysical Relationships
Dr Blossom Furtado
Relationship, according to the dictionary, is a connection, an association or an involvement, between one vibration and another. We encounter relationships all the time - relationship with yourself, your partner, your surroundings and your universe.

Human beings mostly function based on their experiences in the current life. The presupposition here of course is that this is not the only life we have, and like what Hindu scriptures say, this life might be a reincarnation. By that logic, human beings could also function based on experiences from many of their past lifetimes, because man may be getting reborn again and again.

Past life regression therapy builds on this line of thinking, starting by stating that we are all ‘energy’. We do have a physical body though - and a Subtle Body, which is commonly called the mind.

Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind
The mind is divided into two parts - the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is our logical, reasoning, thinking mind that we use all the time, when we are awake. The subconscious mind is a repository of all our experiences and memories. It permanently stores everything that we ever see, hear, smell or feel; every thought and emotion. Who we are, how we respond to situations and what we believe are functions of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has all the information about us. We however, do not have direct access to the information in the subconscious mind, especially if it relates to our past lives.

If the conscious mind is our Central Processing Unit - to use computer terminology - that does the processing, our subconscious mind is the Hard Drive that stores the data. The conscious mind has access to the subconscious mind and uses this information to reach its own decisions. Our behaviour is a combined response of our conscious and subconscious minds. If we have stored blame, anger, hatred, etc. through our deeds/misdeeds (which Hinduism teaches as karma) at the subconscious level, our conscious mind will only be able to function from this database. Thus, the changes have to be effected into the subconscious, if ‘memories’ (bad karma) of possible past lives have to be altered.

Three Past Lives
48-year-old Savitri* wanted me to help her emotionally as she planned to divorce her husband of 12 years. Having decided not to have children, the wealthy and well-educated couple used to lead a very active social life, filled with parties. But then, her husband developed a disability from his waist downwards, which restricted his movements. Their social life was almost coming to a standstill. Blame games later, frustrated Savitri wanted out of the wedlock, not at all keen on living with her sick husband anymore.

Savitri was able to access three of her past lives, during my therapy. The first past life she accessed was a life in South East Asia. She saw herself as a 30-year-old fishmonger, married to the same person who is her husband in this life – and they didn’t have children. In that vision, she (and not her husband) loses the use of her lower body when she is 48. Her husband nurses her until she dies at the age of 56.

In the second past life she accessed, Savitri was a wealthy 35-year-old in the South of France. Her ‘partner’ was her husband in this life, again – and they had not decided on children yet. They enjoyed riding horses every morning (their own horses, of course) – till she fell from a horse at 38 years, injuring her hip, unable to ride again. He nurses her again, till she dies 10 years later.

The setting was the Middle East in the third past life Savitri could see. She was 30 this time, very poor, and her husband in the current life was her husband then too - he was breaking stones in a quarry for a living. And yes, they had no children. In this past life too, Savitri develops a disability in the lower part of her body and gets bedridden. Her husband nurses her again, till she died at 48. Lying on my recliner that sultry afternoon, Savitri could even hear her quarry worker husband lament inconsolably at her death, “What will I do now? Whom do I have left to nurse?”

Happily Ever After
The therapy released Savitri of all the suppressed emotions she got in touch with, from her past lives. She let go of all the anger, blame and frustration against her husband, and replaced it with love and forgiveness. Though she didn’t return for the Healing Process to complete the session, she called me up from the USA nine months later. “If he could take care of me in three earlier lives, it would be heartless of me not to take care of him in this life,” Savitri was sobbing. She had taken her husband for treatment to an American hospital and was nursing him without clamouring for a divorce.

The repeated pattern in Savitri’s life was something the Regression Session could access – and bring about to be healed, so that it did not get carried over to her next life.

Get in touch with yourself - identify your faulty assumptions and change the memories in your subconscious. Take charge of your life and fill it with love and forgiveness. This could create a ripple around us, enveloping the entire universe with beautiful relationships.

“If he could take care of me in three earlier lives, it would be heartless of me not to take care of him in this life,” Savitri was sobbing

* Name changed to protect identity

Dr Blossom Furtado is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist and Spirit Release Therapist

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