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September 2010
Cha-cha Fête
For your Parents Anniversary
Anniversaries are special, more so when it’s your parents. So, the pressure on you to throw them a perfect anniversary party might build up to a disastrous level-Avoid! Here are a few tips on how to throw a wonderful party for your parents. Trust me, they are bound to love it!

Remember thatcelebrationsof their likingusually translate into spending time with people they are close to, sharing moments spent together. So, while planning a party for them, keep in mind their likes and dislikes; especially when it comes to the guest list and food. You don’t want to invite a bunch of your friends,whose idea of a party is loud music and fancyfood, which will please your guests but keep your parents feeling so out-of-place. Instead, throw a party in which they can truly celebrate their years together and all the wonderful memories, with their friends and family – feeling special.

Perfect Planning Checklist
Here is a checklist for you to cross off, before you plan your parents’ anniversary party:
  1. Venue: Decide on where your budget will allow you to throw the party and planthe number of guests accordingly; smaller crowd for home parties and larger crowds for outdoors.
  2. Guests:If you can accommodate 25 people, then the list should have around 35 invitees, as in the last minute, few people always tend to drop out.
  3. Plan Well Ahead:If any siblings are living in other cities, see if they can come. Call them well in advance - at least a month in advance - so they can make arrangements. And remind them once again, a week before the party.
  4. Surprise:If this party is intended as a surprise, then make sure you tell the invitees not to mention it to your parents (keeping the crowd to the minimum decreases the chances of spilling the secret). If it is in a hotel or any other outside location where your parents don’t live, then it becomes easier to surprise them. Otherwise, ask a friend ora relative to invite your parents over for tea to their house or for a movie.
  5. Clothing:It would be a nice idea to have a set of new clothes ready for your parents; stitched and ironed ready to be worn.
  6. Grandchildren: Involve the grandchildren, ask them to make a card or even act out a little skit or sing a song for your parents.
  7. Memories: Organise aslide-show with pictures from their wedding till today. The guests will also enjoy this.
  8. Cake:Order a cake- eggless or non-chocolate - as per their liking, and light adeepam instead of a candle.
  9. Theme:If it is a special landmark, for instance a silver anniversary (25thyear) or a golden anniversary (50thyear), then keep the decoration as per the theme. Otherwise come up with a simple elegant theme.
  10. Flowers: You could order the flowers to match your theme or your tableware. Don’t make it all one colour though. Keep a few empty vases handy as guests usually bring flowers,which can readily be displayed. 
  11. Menu Planning a menushould be done with the season in mind. Also keep in mind that many of the guests are also older in age and might have special dietary requirements. It’s a good idea to have a selection of sugar-free desserts, and reduce the content of oil and salt in the food. Also have available a variety of cut fruits.
Anju Poddar is a Successful home maker fascinated by Hindu traditions and festivals. She has authored four well received books,the latest being Meals, Menus& More

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