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August 2010
Your Handwriting Speaks
Dr Bhuvan Ananda Rout
Graphology is a complete, accurate examination and evaluation of behaviour and personality of one’s inner self. The handwriting of an individual can reveal a person’s taste, aptitude and interest in science, commerce or arts. Graphology is increasingly being used by forensic experts to detect forgeries and by Corporates to assess the character of job applicants.

Social Angle
A handwriting sample saved Supraja, a fashion designer from getting into a disastrous alliance fixed by her parents. A timely analysis revealed that the guy was gay. “I had this doubt when I met him but the analysis confirmed the fact,” she said.
  • Is your partner trustworthy, lovable or selfish?
  • Is your boss reliable and generous or an exploiter?
  • Why are your sexual relationships not working?
  • Are you and your partner compatible?
  • Are you misunderstood by friends and family? 
  • Which career suits you?
All these questions and a lot more can be answered easily by a certified handwriting analyst. Handwriting analysis can also diagnose and solve problems like addiction of alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. by changing the handwriting of the addicts.

Medical Angle
Vasundhar, a dance teacher once approached me in order to improve her handwriting. Scanning through her handwriting sample, I asked her to confirm with a medical examination whether she had leukemia. Her medical test proved she had an early stage of leukemia, which was then treated successfully.

Handwriting is successfully used to diagnose diseases and other health related problems through graph-pathology. One of the researchers of ‘illness as reflected in handwriting’ is Alfred Kanfer, a noted graphologist who studied the handwriting of cancer patients for many years. To quote Kanfer, “The pen stroke of the normal, healthy person is reasonably smooth and continuous and this can easily be established under a microscope. If, however, cancer or a pre-cancerous situation exists in the person, his/her pen-strokes are not smooth, they look like the zigzag edged body of a caterpillar."

Using handwriting as a tool, one can not only change his/her personality, but also change their entire world to make life peaceful, enjoyable and successful. So change your handwriting to change your life. Do note that books and web references that claim to teach you how to analyse handwriting should not be used as a sure-shot reference; do not base your life’s judgement on them. If at any point you feel the need of a graphologist, do contact the magazine at: for your personal analysis.
Dr. Bhuvan Ananda Rout is a graphologist

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