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January 2012
The Angst of Anger
Moushumi Gupta
Is there anyone who has not felt or expressed anger at some point in their lives? We all know the answer to that...

Whether it is a minor irritation or uncontrollable rage, anger is said to be completely normal and surprisingly a healthy, human emotion. It only leads to problems when you let it get the best of you.

Uncontrollable anger is destructive. It has a detrimental effect on the quality of your life as it affects work, personal relationships and your entire outlook. You are then at the mercy of this powerful emotion.

Rechannelise it
The instinctive and natural way to express anger is - aggression. It is one’s natural tendency to respond to any threat one may perceive - by getting angry or aggressive. It is our natural defense mechanism and so a certain amount of anger is necessary for survival. However, that does not mean that we can lash out, physically or otherwise, at anything or anyone who irritates or annoys us.

Assertive behaviour is the healthiest way to express anger!
  • Make your needs clear
  • Learn to have them done without hurting others
  • Don’t be pushy or demanding
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Be CALM no matter what the circumstance
Anger can be suppressed and then redirected. The idea is to suppress your anger and channelize it into more constructive behaviour. This happens when you hold in your anger, stop thinking about it, and focus on something positive.

Giving up any habit rests with you and the choice is entirely yours to make. It is imperative to understand the dangers of smoking and the need to root it out of your system. So make the choice to quit smoking now!

Be A Calmer You
  • Take steps to lower your heart rate
  • Calm yourself down
  • Let the angry feeling subside
When none of these three techniques work, that’s when someone-or something-is going to get hurt! So take a deep breath and start over.
Moushami Gupta Corporate Trainer for Soft Skills,Hyderabad