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Make Merry Safely

Dr Savita Date Menon

Partying is no more restricted to festivals and occasions. Wednesday is occasion for all Eves to party, free of cost. And where there are Eves, Adams cannot be too far behind.


Friday and Saturday are weekend chilling out. The common factor in all this is, no, not exotic food anymore, but more and more alcohol. And of course, party drugs.

This article is not to tell you not to drink. That’s your parents’ job, not mine. This article is to present a few thoughts, provoke your thinking a little and basically urge you to be safe while you party. After all, you wouldn’t want to start the night happy and wake up in the morning very, very sorry. You got it - better be safe, than sorry. I am no spoilsport and love having a good time too. But why do young boys and girls party like there’s no tomorrow? Watch it. This self fulfilling prophecy might just come true.

Size zero is the rage now. The clothes look good, and of course, you can save on your grocery bill. But really, what many do is to starve through the day, or perhaps survive on orange juice. But then, when the party starts, they add to those denied calories – in the form of alcohol. It’s about 150 – 200 calories a peg! Also, it is no guesswork what will happen to a starving, anorexic stomach a few drinks down the line. No wonder the ladies’ restrooms are busier than the men’s in most clubs. Every generation sheds a few inhibitions guarded by the previous.

And so the modern generation always looks totally uninhibited or to put it bluntly, even shameless to the older lot. So what’s the big deal, you say? Well, ever thought that inhibitions may be self protective? They make you stop to think before jumping into a situation. What a drink gives you is just Dutch courage. It also dulls your safety radar and makes you foolish. So when you want to let down your inhibitions, get drunk and behave silly, choose your small, safe and trusted group. They will provide you the safety net, and you need have no regrets the next morning.

Picture this: a good looking stranger comes along; conversation flows and he chivalrously offers to pick up your drinks from the bar. Next thing you know, it’s morning and you are in a strange place with a strange person. You have no memory, but do have a lingering feeling that you have been had. Colourless, odourless drugs possibly found their way into your drink, making you easy prey for this sneaky predator. No chivalrous gentleman, this! So like I said, better to be safe, than sorry. It wouldn’t hurt to keep a few of these tips in mind.

Answer these seven questions according to your typical behaviour pattern and learn how capable you are of taking care of yourself.
Q1. You have been on a liquid diet and need to use the restroom. So you rush off alone while your friends continue to party. Yes or no?
Public restrooms are one of three most likely areas for harassment, even abduction - the other two being parking lots and empty staircase. Healthy habits aside, take a buddy to the restroom. When the staircase is deserted, take the lift instead.
Q2. Life is really busy. And you only have two hands and 24 hours to get so much done. So you bunch things together - shop on your way home, give kids their homework instructions on the phone, drive and munch a healthy fruit. Describes you?
Women pride themselves on multi tasking. They talk on the phone, rummage through their bag for car keys, walking to the car. What a distracted, preoccupied and easy target they make. If it’s late, look focused, get into your car, lock your doors and drive off. Make sure that you take good care of your car if you ever have to drive late and alone.

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