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December 2009
10 Resolutions for a Positive Personality
Anju Poddar
You are what you think you are – so take care of what and how you think. Here are some resolutions to build up a better you

1 Individuality

Don't try to be someone you're not. Instead, try to be like someone you admire but add your touch - don't be a mere copy or a faded shadow – be yourself.

2 Spiritual Inclination
Pay attention to the colours and beauty of nature around you and meditate. Bring out your inner beauty and peace.

3 Positive thinking
They say thoughts have a mass, thus gravity. If your thoughts are positive they can bring about positive changes, as against negative thinking.

4 Physically fit
Tone yourself and exercise regularly. Pranayam helps to keep the systems healthy.

5 Healthy eating
Drink lots of water as it removes the toxins from the body and keeps the systems clear.

6 Solution
Be a part of the solution not the problem. Remember, it's all about your attitude towards people, situations and surroundings.

7 Love yourself
Look in the mirror and tell yourself, you are worthy of yourself

8 Dress
Never dress according to fashion. Have your own style and wear what looks good on you. Don't let fashion control you.

9 Development
Have your own personal hobbies and pursue them.

10 Smile
Wear a smile that reaches your eyes, at all times

10 Things to Take Care Of

Hair - It's your crowning glory, so take good care to keep it healthy and clean.

Eyes - are the mirror of your soul, so make sure they don't look tired. Use rosewater in cotton swabs and place on closed eyes to relax.

Smile -Smile a good teethy smile with well polished teeth and a good breath.

Skin - For healthy and beautiful skin, drink lots of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and exercise.

Posture - Maintain a correct posture. Work on your gait, the way you move etc.

Voice - Modulate your voice to sound clear and speak in correct language.

Hands - Wear good accessorial rings, watch, bangles, bracelets to accentuate your hands.

Clothing -Dress according to your body structure, time of the day and occasion.

Feet - maintain your feet well with regular pedicures and wear smart footwear.

Attitude - Be in sync with the things happening around you. Be up-to-date with the world, national and local news. Be able to talk or add on to any conversation taking place, current books, music, and sports.
Anju Poddar is a successful home maker fascinated by Hindu traditions and festivals. She has authored two well received books, A Journey to the Heavens and A Wedding in the Family.

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