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 Psychological & Emotional Health

Take the test and bust the pest.
The troubles to being a Mom are many, but the returns make every trying
moment worthwhile.
When you party like there is no tomorrow, watch it. This self-fulfilling prophecy
might just come true.
The psychology of beauty is complex. It does lie in the eyes of the beholder. And the
beholder’s definition of beauty changes with geography, history, culture,
race and more.
An attempt to unravel the darker side of lifestyle disorders that are eating the
contemporary Indian – anorexia, bulimia, compulsive exercising, night-eating
syndrome and drunkorexia.
It’s a craving that kicks in precisely two hours and nine minutes after you’ve enjoyed
a meal, scientific research shows, and it’s more popularly called a sweet tooth.
We explore the psychology behind it.
Weighty woes take up too much mind space. This is because the body is like
the formal sitting room of a house. It is your prettiest foot forward.
Not measuring up leads to insecurity, low self-confidence and struggling self-esteem.


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