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Detox and Revitalize Your Body
Dr Sreedevi Yadavalli
Over time, all the painkillers for headaches and aches and pains, antacids for indigestion, laxatives for constipation, caffeine for tiredness, cigarettes and alcohol for relaxation, sleeping tablets for insomnia, and just eating and drinking a little too much of what we fancy take a toll on our health and even affect the way we look.

This is because all these produce toxins that are detrimental to our health and well-being.

Toxicity is of greater concern now than ever before because modern living interferes greatly with the natural way of life, disturbing the homeostasis or the equilibrium of the body.

This means that our body’s natural system intended to keep the body disease-free is undermined, and is too overwhelmed to keep up with the toxic overload. It needs help in detoxifying, revitalizing and restoring the balance in our bodies.

Detoxification targets the five organs of elimination: the colon, skin, lungs, liver and kidneys, and also the two complete systems that play key roles in detoxifying the body: the circulatory and the lymphatic systems.
Colon detoxification cleans waste buildup in the colon and balances the flora within the colon. The skin is the largest organ of elimination and cleansing baths help stimulate the skin’s efficiency. Deep-breathing or aerobic exercises help in keeping our lung capacity high, while a good diet is very important in ensuring adequate nutrition to help digest and assimilate proper nourishment to the body. But even while emphasizing on a balanced diet, fasting once a week remains an important tradition followed by many as a detoxification routine. There are several popular detox routines practiced and recommended by experts that can help you to become happier and healthier through detoxing and revitalizing.

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