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May 2009

Indian Head Injury Foundation
Dr Rajendra Prasad
The Indian Head Injury Foundation (IHIF) was founded in February 2007 with a mission to build a comprehensive system in India for the prevention and treatment of head injuries, in order to improve the outcome of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients.

IHIF activities

Primary trauma care courses
IHIF is conducting training programs for health care professionals in collaboration with Primary Trauma Care Foundation (UK) and Brain Trauma Foundation USA. 18 Primary Trauma Care courses have successfully been held for doctors, nurses, first responders, paramedics and healthcare social workers. 324 providers and over 100 instructors have been trained so far.
Neuro-critical workshops
Two neuro-critical care workshops have been conducted in collaboration with BTF (USA) and Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine. Delegates are taught how to handle serious trauma patients when they reach ICU.
Rehabilitation workshop
One of the major areas that IHIF and Apollo Hospitals is getting into is neuro-rehabilitation. After patients have left hospitals they need help of rehab specialists to get back to their activity of daily living (ADL) so that they can be independent and return to their vocation. There is a severe shortage of such facilities in the country and more importantly, there is an acute shortage of professionals in this field. These problems will be addressed in the years ahead and Neuro-Rehab units will be set up in existing hospitals and there are plans to open India's first Neuro-rehab Hospital. Towards that aim, IHIF is organizing the 1st International Workshop for Neuro-Rehabilitation after Traumatic Brain Injury on 10th and 11th August 2009. This is being organized in conjunction with Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.
Launching of ambulances
The IHIF team went to Jodhpur for launching of a Trauma Centre at Rajdadisa Hospital, Jodhpur and launching two fully equipped lifesaving specialized ambulances on 12th January, 09.
A mobile Physio-ambulance is being equipped in Delhi. This will visit patients near their homes and give rehab facilities to those who are not in a position to visit hospital.
Patient support groups
IHIF is also working towards setting up of Patient Support Service for head injury patients to provide telephonic counseling, medical information, support and advice by making home visits.
Research projects with IIT ( Delhi)
  • Developing aids & appliances for neuro-trauma patients
  • Low cost ICP monitoring in India
Create public awareness regarding head injuries through
  • Media, celebrities, advertisements
  • Prevention of head injuries – create awareness amongst police, traffic assistants, public at large
  • Prevention of head injuries – create awareness amongst police, traffic assistants, public at large
Prevention of head injuries by generating awareness among public regarding
  • The urgency to wear seat belts and helmets
  • The importance of ABC during the Golden Hour for non restricted airway to enable continuous supply of oxygen to the brain
  • The need of the hour to train everybody on primary trauma care.
Dr Rajendra Prasad is Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, and Executive Director, Indian Head Injury Foundation.

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