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Cancer Care at CURE

Sherry Roy
Cancer does not check bank balances before it attacks someone. While the rich have the resources to fight it, the poor, very often do, due to ignorance and poverty, delay treatment and resort to inadequate and substandard care.

The Cure Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fight cancer either by providing free or subsidized treatment for the less fortunate, or by encouraging cancer research and creating public awareness in the community.

They had an awareness campaign at The Apollo Hospitals, on the occasion of World Cancer Day on 4th February 09, where survivors and their families spoke about their fight against the disease. Bharatanatyam exponent Padmasri Ananda Shankar Jayant, danced with great finesse, after confessing that she was still undergoing treatment for cancer. Debates, poster presentation and panel discussion were also arranged to promote awareness.

Promoting cancer care
One of the most effective strategies against cancer is to nip it in the bud. Educating people about lifestyle, diet, hygiene, harmful effects of tobacco and smoking etc., forms a part of this. Early detection of malignant conditions can have a huge impact on the final outcome.

Encouraging cancer education
Research and education The Cure Foundation undertakes research in basic sciences and clinical fields, and shares the knowledge acquired through conferences, seminars and workshops. The foundation provides a comprehensive data bank with periodicals, reference books, internet facilities etc., to help doctors dispel ambiguity inherent in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It also sends deserving individuals on fellowships to renowned institutes abroad.

Providing Subsidised/free treatment for needy patients
Besides providing subsidized or free treatment as the case may be, the Cure Foundation has also networked with specialists in reputed hospitals around the world like Memorial Sloan Kettering, City of Hope New York Hospital. This provides the most updated treatment to impoverished patients for whom this might otherwise have been a distant dream.

Conducting rehabilitation programmes
Completion of cancer treatment is not the goal in itself, for an arduous journey towards life would have just begun. At this point, cancer survivors need social, psychological, physical and vocational rehabilitation. The Cure Foundation offers them a holistic approach towards these, guides them about lifestyle, exercises, diet and more. Care for terminally ill patients is stressful but imperative.
What must be remembered is that the fight is not won without everyone chipping in; it is the little drops that make the ocean. The crab does not differentiate whom to choke – it could be someone you know next. It could even be you.

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