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Saluting the spirit of Abhilasha’s parents

Abhilasha, a 16-and-a -half month old baby, became India’s youngest cadaver organ donor, when her parents decided to donate her organs after her death, at the Apollo Indraprastha Hospital, New Delhi.

Abhilasha was diagnosed with biliary atresia and was in need of a liver transplant which could not be performed because of her underlying neurological condition.

“Abhilasha and her parents came to us from Bhopal for a liver transplant but a CT scan of her brain revealed that she was suffering with hydrocephalus. Her neurological condition had to be resolved before a liver transplant could be offered, but sadly, due to worsening liver function and deterioration in her neurological condition, she could not undergo a transplant,” pointed out Dr. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director of the Apollo Group of Hospitals.

“We decided to donate Abhilasha’s organs because we felt and understood the need and importance of an organ which Abhilasha could never receive. Today, I feel proud that my daughter’s contribution has breathed a new life in another family. We have kept our daughter’s soul alive forever,” says Vineeta, Abhilasha’s mother.
Abhilasha is survived by her three-and-a-half year old sister Ashlesha, who is now studying in the nursery. Her father Rajendra Rahurikar is a businessman dealing in telecom and fitness equipment. Her mother, Vineeta Rahurikar is a homemaker and a creative writer.

Donor shortage
Shortage of donors and organs has impeded the necessary thrust required to save more lives. In India, there are only 0.05 cadaver donors per million population per year. More than one lakh people need replacement treatment for their ailments and living donors satisfy only a fraction of the demand. Noted Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Group of Hospitals, “We pay a tribute to Abhilasha and honour her parents for taking such a courageous and a noble step which will surely give a new ray of hope to many patients. Pledging of organs can make a huge difference for thousands of patients who are waiting in need for an organ. Any individual regardless of age is a potential organ donor; provided the health of the organ is in good shape and family members agree for organ donation.

”Organs can be donated only after a person has been declared brain dead. However, organs can be pledged while they are alive. Pledging to donate organs after death is one of the best gifts one can give humanity. The Human Organ Transplantation Act has legalised the concept of ‘brain death’. Since the passing of the legislation in India, it has become possible to undertake organ transplants from brain dead donors. Improved infrastructure such as ventilators and other emergency measures are necessary to preserve crucial organs of the body.  Abhilasha’s cadaver donation is the torch-bearer for cadaver donation in India. Cadaver donation can both save and enhance the life of those suffering from many forms of end-stage organ failure. Apollo Hospitals is committed to further the cause of organ transplantation by creating awareness that will help modern medical science and humanity at large.

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