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August 2010
Homoeopathy for Migraine
Dr.Shivani Lakhtakia
Gautam Kapoor, while writing his final year engineering exams, suddenly started seeing multicoloured spots in front of his eyes, immediately followed by sudden severe throbbing pain in the left side of his head. The pain was so severe that Gautam was banging his head on the table! He vomited twice, which gave him some relief but the pain persisted.

Gautam had just had an attack of migraine. Excruciating and agonising, disorienting and nightmarish: this is how those who suffer from migraine often describe their condition. Today, migraine is believed to be the result of a cascade of complicated biochemical events that usually are set into motion by an environmental trigger.

Who Gets Migraine
Migraine is a fairly democratic disease, as all kinds of people get it.
  • Most cases begin in childhood or adolescence.
  • Far more women experience it post-puberty than men, when the female hormone oestrogen kicks in.
  • Migraine affects those between the ages of 20 to 45 years, after which the condition begins to decline.
  • In some cases, an attack might occur only once in a lifetime, but the frequency varies to more than once a week.
  • There seems to be a genetic predisposition to the disorder, involving the CNS (central nervous system). Common migraine-triggers include foods, beverages, chemicals, sunlight, fatigue/stress, and hormone-level fluctuations.
Homoeopathy Helps
Homeopathy is a science of healing that attempts to stimulate the body into curing itself by using natural remedies. The homeopathic approach to the treatment of migraine patients is more individualistic. Homeopathy believes that migraine is a personality disorder and hence the treatment should be determined only on the basis of in-depth study of the patient’s personality. The homeopathic treatment for migraine is based on the individual case study of the patient's disease, its causative factors, the genetic pattern, constitution and mindset, etc. The treatment plan thus designed is addressed towards correcting the psychosomatic pathways and genetic disposition, in turn treating migraine from within. This approach helps treating most cases of migraine successfully.

With homoeopathy, migraine episodes get reduced in frequency and intensity with complete recovery in the end. It reduces the dependency of an individual on painkillers while also eradicating the problem from the root.

Migraine Fundas
  • The average migraine attack ranges from one to three times per month.
  • It is characterised by severe head-pain, accompanied by nausea and weakness.
  • The pain is often localised to one side of the head.
  • An attack may last from 4 to 72 hours.
Dr.Shivani Lakhtakia is Consultant - Homoeopathy, Hyderabad

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