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Homeo for the Heart

Dr Payal Kapadia Jaiswal

The days are not far when every third Indian would be hypertensive or a CAD patient. As per the statistics given by WHO, cardiac disease is one of the major cause for mortality.

Cardiac Symptoms
Cardiac symptoms begin with easy fatigue, breathlessness, palpitation, anxiety and headache, which after years, would be diagnosed as hypertension (high blood pressure).  A person can be labeled hypertensive only after three or more consecutive readings showing 140 (systolic)/ 90 (diastolic) or more.

Systolic pressure is generally related to physiological changes like physical exertion (running, climbing stairs, loss of sleep etc) while diastolic pressure is related to any abnormality of the heart. Homoeopathy is based on some principles having its own scopes and limitations, just like any other system of medicine and treats the person as a whole, and not merely the symptoms.

How Homeopathy Works
In most of the cardiac ailments, the causative factors are family history (of the illness), eating habits, lifestyle, etc. This system of medicine finds out the root cause of the disease and treats accordingly - it in fact corrects the immune system. Homoeopathy has been recorded to be very effective in treating/managing a variety of illnesses like hypertension, hyperlipedimia, calcification of valves, aneurysm of aorta, coronary artery disease, vascular disease etc.
For a homoeopathic treatment, the history of the patient is very important and that includes the mental, physical and genetic history. If the root cause of the disease can be corrected, the person will automatically cure himself - rather than merely the symptoms getting treated. Along with regular food habits, the problems can be decreased drastically.

Homeo as Complementary Treatment
Like every system of medicine, homoeopathy also has its own scopes and limitations. Homoeopathy is not anti surgery - the patient can be operated for any cardiac pathology if surgery is the only indication. He can be continued later with homoeopathic treatment to treat underlying cause like hperlipidemia, which is considered as silent killer.
Dr Payal Kapadia Jaiswal is a Consultant in Predictive Classical Homoeopathy.


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