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Maintaining Homeostasis for Good Health

 Prof Adrian Kennedy


The Health Makers

  • Sprouted seeds and grains
  • Fresh vegetable juices
  • Natural unsweetened yoghurt
  • Fermented foods – natural sauerkraut (for instance)
  • Liver
  • Molasses
  • Wheat germ
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Seaweed

The Health Breakers

  1. Refined sugar and flour and products made from them
  2. Preservatives, additives
  3. Artificial flavouring, colouring, stabilisers, emulsifiers etc.
  4. Alcohol, coffee
  5. Excess fat, excess protein, in fact anything in excess
  6. Overheating is one of the worst health breakers of all

The biogenic diet guidelines


What to Eat

What not to eat

Meat, fish, poultry Chicken and turkey without the skin. Very lean fish and meat. Ham, sausages, bacon, meats, salmon, tinned tuna.


Grains, breads and cereals
All whole grains such as brown rice, millets, whole wheat, rolled oats, breads, whole-wheat pasta, pitta bread. Bread or pastry products, sugar or bleached white flour. Soya flour (too much protein) white biscuits and scones).
Pulses All beans, peas and lentils. Soya beans.
Fats and Oils Very little, except what occurs naturally. In grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits, only small amounts of cold-pressed virgin olive oil (mono-saturated). Margarine, fat on meats and in poultry skins.
Fruits and vegetables All fruits (but no more than five portions a day), all vegetables (unlimited amounts) eaten raw, steamed or lightly cooked in a little oil in a wok or baked and cooked without fat.


Dairy products Goat’s milk, cheese and yoghurt (up to 8 oz a day). Cheese made from skimmed milk, yoghurt made from skimmed milk (2 oz a day) . Whole milk and cream, most cheeses (too fat and chemically fermented), tinned milk.
Sweets, drinks and spices Fresh fruit, decaffeinated coffee, herbal teas, vinegar, fresh or dried herbs, spices, cayenne pepper. Coffee, tea, sugar, sugared drinks, sugar-free soft drinks, chocolate salty savouries such as crisps, rich or heavy sauces.


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