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  Holistic Health

Health status of employees.
Laughter yoga, practiced in laughter clubs, is a complementary therapy. It is both
preventive and therapeutic.
We can control and increase the release of endorphins in the body in order not only
to enhance happiness, but also to improve health.
The Sri Lankan team benefited immensely from the Art of Living workshop they
underwent following the trauma of a terror attack on their team while touring
Pakistan in April 2009.
Better management of diabetes is possible only with a holistic approach. Insulin,
medicines, a healthy diet, relaxation, stress management, sensible exercises, yoga,
and meditation are some tools at our disposal to control diabetes.
Homeostasis is an internal balance can be affected by illness and infection. Externally,
these can be influenced by various lifestyle factors including diet, inactivity, sleep
deprivation and so on.



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