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Thai Tiger Prawns
Chef Paum Xinsurapan
Category:   Non Vegetarian

Approximate Calorie Content      700 - 750 Kcal


  1. Clean Prawn and slit open
  2.  Lightly pan fry for a few minutes till color changes
  3.  Heat oil in a wok on a high flame and add chopped garlic, onions, coriander roots
  4.  Now add Thai red chilli paste and a little coconut milk, and simmer on low flame
  5.  Add the pan fried prawns in the sauce and cook lightly
  6.  While the prawn cooks, add fish sauce and sugar – salt if necessary as fish sauce itself contains salt
  7.  Remove in a shallow plate
  8.  Garnish with Coconut milk / red chilly / green chilly / basil and serve hot.

Tiger Prawns (4 nos)

400 gms= 320 Kcal

Freshly Chopped garlic

1 tbsp

Chopped Onions    

1 tbsp

Chopped Coriander Roots

1 tbsp

Finely slice Galangal

1 tbsp

Lemon Grass

10 gm

Thai Red Curry Paste

20 gm

Fish sauce     

10 ml


10 ml


(to taste)

Refined Oil    30 ml  


Coconut Milk

30 ml= 70 Kcal

Chopped Basil Leaves   

a few sprigs

Thin Sliced Dry Red Chilly

1 No.

Thin Sliced Green Chilly

1 No.

Chef Paum Xinsurapan works with the Oriental Pavilion at Fortune Manohar, Hyderabad

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