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october 2012

Airbrush Your Interiors

Pratyusha Sen
Air the curtains and clear up the cobwebs! It’s that time of the year when back to back festivals make sure that guests are a common feature in every household, the pantry is stocked full of sweet and savoury snacks and a general feeling of gaiety permeates the air.
Sprucing up the house decor before the festivities kick in is de rigueur. While some of us really splurge and paint the house, giving it a total makeover, most among us stick to refreshing home decor pieces.

  • The obvious rule of thumb is to make sure your house puts its best foot (or is it door?) forward by infusing colours throughout the interior decor. A good idea would be to focus on red accent pieces, as that will take you through the themes of Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, and all the way to the New Year.

  • Bright and quirky cushion covers can transform a dull sofa completely. However, keep spangle and glitter strewn covers to a minimum as they are definitely not comfortable and too much of it will succeed in making your living room look like a house of ill repute.

  • Fresh flowers look pretty and it eliminates the need of an air freshener. But marigold (genda phool) and mango leaf garlands work only if there’s a puja or wedding in the house. Otherwise, ban them please! Combine flowers with candles for ethnicity if you wish. A transparent bowl, fancy flowers or petals and a few floating candles – voila! But, do remember to change dead flowers and burnt out candles daily or your house will look messed up rather than decked up!

  • Speaking of candles, with Diwali around the corner, you can afford to go a little crazy with them. Tea candles necessitate holders and mesh crystal designs are big this season. For decorative candles, hand crafted ones of various shapes, colours and designs are the perfect pick. The latest trend in handcrafted candles is dried flowers and petals pressed on the wax body. Glitter candles, wherein the wax is mixed with coloured glitter to produce cylinders of shimmery wax, are quite in demand as well.

  • In case you have children in the house, having lit candles may pose a hazard. Substitute candles with LED strings or lamps with LED bulbs instead. Avoid blue LEDs though, as the cool shade gives a very impersonal feel to a room.

  • Bells, as a home decor item, are rarely taken into consideration when in fact they can be functional as well as prettifying! Hang a brass bell at your front doorstep in lieu of a doorbell and you have a concept that is refreshingly different. Hang tiny ones as wind chimes and you are rewarded with tinkling music through the day. And come to think of it, once again it evokes symbolism of Dussehra/Diwali rituals as well as Christmas.
Of course, at the end of it all, do remember to deck yourself up and be ready to face the festivals with a bang!