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Magic mantra to tackle extra flab.
Your ideal numbers
Easy and light.
Know how much to burn.
Doing the dandiya is not only about merry-making alone. It is also a time when you can
 use this uniquely Indian dance form to maintain fitness level in the festive season,
and balance all the feasting.
Love it or hate it, you just cannot ignore the benefits of regular exercise. While those
who are already on the fitness bandwagon will vouch for this, most of us seem to
draw a dud when it comes to actually doing some moving and shaking, even though
we too are aware of the above. So what does one do?
Your Ideal Weight and Calorie Intake
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step,” said Lao Tse. So don’t
just sit there, scramble to your feet and get started with your workout. The most
important thing you can do for your weight loss goals is regular cardio exercise.
Here’s a list of the best cardio activities for burning calories and getting into shape.


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