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september 2012

Take The Pole For Confidence

Lourd Vijay 
It is one of those things that is fast catching up in our urban limits. On the face of things, it is known to be a combination of dance moves and gymnastics; on the fitness side of things, it is seen as something completely fun and fabulous. The mantra may just as well be ‘pole workout’ to lose weight.

Pole workout is a form of exercise that is an extension of pole dance. It is about using the pole to its maximum potential as a versatile piece of fitness equipment. It works the whole body, thereby improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture, as well as upper body strength and core strength.

What Are The Benefits?
Typically, the arms, thighs, shoulder and abs are exercised during a pole workout. However, it is considered a full body workout in itself. Pole workout can improve a person’s overall health when done on a regular basis. The workout requires the individual to lift his/her own body weight, and therefore all the muscles are put into action. A pole workout can also improve cardio-respiratory endurance and flexibility.

For some, the greatest benefit from a pole workout is a boost to their confidence. To elaborate further, you don’t have to be a dancer to incorporate pole workout into your fitness regime, let alone a pole dancer! But pole dancing is something you can enjoy and start at any time. Any person of average fitness level in the age slot of 16 and 60 years can take to pole workouts.

An hour of pole workout burns as many as 250 calories and that should be a big draw with people on weight loss mode. It is similar to a good gym session but much more fun! Frequency-wise, a pole workout may be resorted to thrice a week. The remainder of the week may be allotted to other cardiovascular exercises like walking, swimming or dancing. A workout regime interspersed so, will increase strength and prevent risk of injury.

Like any other workout, a good warm-up and stretching exercises are compulsory before a pole workout. They help prevent injury. You may apply some chalk powder on the palms to get and maintain a grip on the pole.

The Hitch
  • Pole Burn: Working closely with the pole means your body will create friction against it. This is particularly common with beginners and is called ‘micro-tearing’.
  • Bruising: Also common with beginners – bruises occur when the body is continuously in contact with and presses against the pole. Regular practice and also a balanced diet with high potassium will help. Bruising is natural for beginners.
Pole workout is a complete body workout. Apart from instilling a sense of confidence, it improves strength and increases muscle definition, especially of the arms, buttocks and thighs. It also helps to build a strong upper body and tones up the stomach muscles. You might just as well expect a great body to flaunt!

Warning: Pole dancing is not for pregnant women. It must also be avoided for at least three months after childbirth.
Lourd Vijay  is Principle Promoter - Latin Culture, Music & Dance, MD - LVDS Productions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore