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January 2010
12 Tips to Boost your Happiness at Work
Dr Sreedevi Yadavalli
Though being happy at work is directly related to the amount of job satisfaction you have, here's some advice on little measures that can boost happiness quotient at the workplace. Of course, the fact that you're taking some measures to boost your worktime happiness will in itself boost your spirits.

Check light for eyestrain
Put your hands to your forehead in a salute. Does it feel better to shade your eyes? Then maybe your work space is a trifle too bright. Dim the light down a bit so your eyes need not strain.

Sit up straight
Sit up straight with your shoulders level and down. Every time you do this, you will instantly feel more energetic and attentive.

Don't keep snacks on your desk
Studies show that people are much more likely to snack when a treat is within easy reach, and this could result in weight gain and resultant depression.

Do the tough jobs first
You've had the night to refresh yourself, so take care of the difficult calls, tasks, or emails first. Procrastinating makes it harder, and at times, leads to a festering of the problem. Give the tough job your best energy as soon as you come into the office, and feel relieved to concentrate on other work the rest of the day.

Never say "yes" right away on the phone
You may be watching your computer screen or doing something else when you take calls. If so, say, "I'll get back to you," rather than nod and say "yes" in a hurry (to finish the conversation and get back to the work). Resist the urge to be accommodative.

Don't say "yes" even if the job is some days away
Sometimes you say "yes" because the deadline is a month away, and doesn't seem onerous. But soon, the deadline will draw closer, and you might regret your decision to take on a job without due consideration.

Don't let yourself get too hungry
You can neither focus on your work, nor hold your temper on an empty stomach. If you think lunch is going to be a while until you take that one concall or compose that one crucial mail, then snacking a little is ok. Just make sure you don't end up gorging while you're on the phone or mail – and snack healthy.

Use the 'Drafts' folder
If there is something that you need to dash off to someone, go ahead and compose the mail. But take care to save it in your 'Drafts' folder. Sleep over it. If you feel the same way the next day, then send the mail. Most often, just the act of composing the stinker makes you feel instantly better.

Get yourself some earphones
If your job involves a good amount of telephonic conversations, maybe it's a smart thing to get yourself a pair of earphones. It's more comfortable, and saves you some energy.

Get out of your office at least once a day
Meetings can sometimes be a welcome distraction. On days when it's all deskwork and no play, then don't be a dull jane. Get out and take a walk. Chat up with someone while you walk around. This bit of activity will rejuvenate you.

Greet everyone with a "Hi or a "Good morning"
Proactive interaction injects happiness into the work environment, cheers you up and helps you to be positive.

Ignorance is bliss Let yourself stay ignorant of things you don't need to know.

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