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August 2012

Citrus Fruits To Stock On Hide

Panchali Moitra
Citrus fruits encompass a vast plethora of fruits belonging to the common genus Citrus. Each variant exhibits a characteristic colour, texture, degree of sourness and flavour. They make for a valuable addition to any diet, thanks to their rich nutrient density and fresh zest and tangy taste.
Be sure to stock up your fridge with these citrus fruits in and out of the seasons as they come!


A storehouse of Vitamin C, the orange is rich in dietary fibre, phytonutrients and potassium. Pectin, a soluble fibre, improves digestion and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Phytonutrients have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties and potassium is essential for maintaining nerve transmissions, muscular strength and blood pressure. A glass of orange juice provides a whopping 125 mg of Vitamin C, 500 mg of potassium, 75 mcg of folic acid and a host of antioxidants and essential minerals.

Sweet Lime Or Mosambi
Include the succulent segments of sweet lime as breakfast accompaniment, salad topping or a perfect evening snack. It has an abundance of ascorbic acid, potassium, calcium, iron, B complex vitamins, folates and fibre. Sweet lime detoxifies the body, regulates digestion and calms stressed nerves. Mosambi juice provides relief from nausea, acidity and constipation. It also boosts the immunity level.

Grapefruit Or Chakotra
Though not very common in India, the grapefruit and its juice are popular worldwide for its tart taste, delectable flavour and amazing nutritional benefits.The grapefruit is larger than a regular orange and is marked by its red or pink or white segments. Ranked top amongst citrus fruits for its antioxidant properties, red grapefruit intake is associated with reduced risk of heart attacks, cancer, arthritis and asthma.

Additional Citrus Variants
Fruits like tangerine, mandarin orange, kinnow and clementine are peeled and eaten whole or extracted as juice.

Citrus Rush!

Fruit Cups
Throw together sliced peaches, melon chunks, lychee halves, diced apples and banana rings in a bowl. Pour in low fat yoghurt, ginger shavings and raisins. Chill and serve tossed with melon seeds and roasted almonds.

Citrus Mint Pops Blend together freshly extracted orange and watermelon juice, sprig of mint and a dash of honey. Pour the mixture in pop or kulfi moulds or even paper cups and freeze till set. Enjoy as a re-energizing and low calorie dessert.

Cucumber Lime Slush Puree together a peeled cucumber, deseeded mosambi, grated carrot and ice cubes. Add rock salt and a dash of lime juice. It’s a quick and healthy treat in warm weather!