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March 2011
The ShrutiHaasan Way
She’s got the looks, the lineage and loads of oomph too. She’s already made a mark as a singer (in Tamil and Hindi films) and a composer (in Kamal Haasan acted-directed UnnaipolOruvan).

The pretty and lissome ShrutiHaasan, the talented daughter of national-award winning actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika, is emerging as an actor to reckon with. Having two Hindi films to her credit Luck and Dil to BachhaHaiJi (though she appeared in Hey Ram when she was in her teens) and a Telugu debut with a part Walt Disney Production Anaganaga O Dheerudu, she is currently shooting with Tamil superstar Suriya for 7am Arivu being helmed by the Ghajini director A.R. Murugadoss.Shruti talks on fitness and diet in this conversation and also shares a recipe with the BPositive team.

What is your workout routine like?
It depends, actually. I try different routines based on different work and life situations, but the basics are my regular cardio and toning.

Do you have a personal trainer?
No, and I don’t think I will ever want one. Unless of course, I have a specific role that requires muscle building which, needsa trainer.

What is your fitness mantra?
Fitness is all about feeling good and the quality of life. I workout whenever I have the time to and I constantly watch what I eat. Lucky for me, my father is a great role model. He is very fit even at his age now. Because of the importance he gives to fitness, I was fortunate enough to have a gym at home.

I try to do something new and interesting whenever possible, like say, dancercise and Pilates.

In the middle of shoots how do you manage to work out?
In the middle of shoots, it is sometimes difficult, not to mention, tiring. But I will still push myself if the role calls for it. 25 to 30 minutes a day is more or less a regular slot.

What is your skin care regimen?
It’s mostly just a face wash and moisturiser, and I use the latter (a brand I don’t think we get in India) a lot. I have one for the day and another for the night.

Editor suggests Shiseido products for young skin - specially the sunscreen - they are light and mostly water-based.

Do you go to a dermatologist?
No. Never.

What do you do to keep your skin hydrated?
I love drinking a lot of Diet Coke which I know is bad for my skin. I try to balance it out by having a lot of water and tender coconut water, while shooting.

Editor’s note! The best way to know how much water your body needs is to multiply your weight by .033 eg: 65 kgs x .033=2.14 litres of water per day

How do you relax?
I watch TV. Anything on the telly is relaxing for me– it doesn’t have to be any particular programme.

Do you believe in dating, is it a stress or does they keep you happy?
The word “dating” has a lot of connotations…(pauses) Today, it represents something 50-50; neither here nor there. So I don’t know what the whole concept is about.

Editor recommends the use of Apollo MIND line in case of a relationship crisis or if you just need a friend to talk to. SMS 54545.

How would you deal with a heart break?A lot of women overeat to get over it. Could you suggest some better ways?
Ice cream and chocolate… I think all women find solace in them...

You need to realise that you are the only one you need to love, and learn to pull yourself up from feeling worse. What I’ve found helpful is doing things I love – like swimming, dancing… anything that will make me happy.

What are the dishes that bring your family closer?
I think it’s South Indian food.

Editor’s pick- idly with tomato chutney/ sambar with all the veggies is a real healthy meal!

What is your message to people suffering with figure dilemmas and eating disorders?
Every person’s body has its own strengths and weaknesses. Even a Coco modelwould have something about her body she doesn’t like! So be happy with the body you have, and find a positive way to work around it. Work hard to highlight your particular body’s strengths. Find and enhance your sex appeal!

Would you ever want to be size zero?
Never. The maximum (or minimum, depending on how you look at it) I’ve become is size two. A fuller body – and I don’t mean plump – has something very interesting about it. I believe in working out the healthy way.

What’s your take on obesity?
This is a disease if you ask me and it’s sad that no one talks about it. It pains me to see this especially in children because of parents who don’t take action. I understand the pains of it as I am someone who can put on weight easily though I was never obese per se.

What causes do you support?
Not many, as of now I just support HIV Research as it is extremely important. There are a lot more I would like to support.

Editor’s Note: Shruti is a goodwill ambassador of the Tamil Nadu State Aids Control Society.

Both you and your sister are achievers. How do you perceive the girl child?
I feel lucky to be born a girl. I feel saddened by negative and regressive attitudes towards women and girl child. I am not one to shout women’s virtues from a rooftop, but I believe women are strong and competent and contribute to all spheres in life.

What is special about a woman?
The way she thinks! It comes straight from the heart, unlike how a man thinks. Also, the way she looks after the family and her partner is amazing.

What has Bollywood taught you?

Do you drink or smoke?

Actress with good body?

Actor with good body?
John Abraham

Actress who should work on her body?
A lot of them, including me.

Rustic Tomato Soup
Among the things I can make, soups are the best... like say, mixed veg soup, in which you can put in everything. You could also try out this rustic tomato soup, made with real veggies – and not from something you pour out and heat from a cover. I love this because even if you are on a strict diet, this soup gives you a feeling you are eating something wonderful.

  • Tomatoes – 4
  • Onion – 1
  • Salt – to taste
  • Oregano – a pinch
  • Olive oil – one tbsp.
  • Garlic – one clove(optional)
  • Water – three glasses
  • Boil tomatoes with the water, blend roughly so that chunks remain.
  • Heat the olive oil, sauté the onions juliennes, till it becomes transparent (not brown).
  • Add the garlic clove if you like.
  • Simmer it for a while.
  • Serve hot.

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