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December 2011
The Exotic Beauty
Jaqueline Fernandez
From bagging the Miss Sri Lanka title in 2006 to becoming a news anchor to finally landing up in Mumbai as a model and now a sensuous actress, Jaqueline Fernandes, B Positive confirms, is too exquisite for words to describe…

How is it working with the Bollywood industry and how different are the stress levels as compared to your beauty pageant in Sri Lanka?
It’s been an interesting journey in Bollywood. It does take a lot of hard work to survive out here in the industry. But the great thing about all this is that hard work does pay off in the Bollywood industry. Bollywood is like family to me now. It’s so exciting working here that it makes me want to work more and more and be a bigger part of the Bollywood fraternity. The beauty pageant was just for a small period of time so in terms of stress levels it would get taxing only for a certain period and then it was over with. It’s a different scenario altogether in Bollywood. It is taxing to keep up with the demands, but that’s why you got to enjoy what you do. I think it’s very important that you have a great team working with you so you’re not on your own to take on everything that happens in and around you.

What challenges were you faced with when you moved to India and in the industry, when it came to language and culture?
Actually, Bollywood happened because I was in India doing several modelling projects and that’s when I auditioned for Aladin. The only challenge I faced was to learn Hindi for which I did a lot of reading and writing in Hindi. This helped me improve a lot. I also have a teacher; he helps me with my pronunciations.

What was Jacqueline as a youngster? Describe your school and college days.
As a child I always saw myself into the entertainment and glamour industry. I was a tomboy and very girlie too. I would have a tough time making up my mind whether I wanted to be at home and play with my Barbie dolls or go out and play football with my brother’s friends! I was torn between the two.

How do you start your day? The first thing you eat or drink after you get up?
The first thing I drink when I wake up is tender coconut water.

A simple beauty regime that you follow on a daily basis…
I believe whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident is the key to being beautiful. Trends are fun to follow, but know which ones work on your face. My basic beauty care is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Also a well-suited make-up remover according to your skin type is very important. Apart from that, take care of your skin and eat healthy; most importantly, drink a lot of water. Always remember everything beautiful starts with good skin.

Are you into yoga? How different do you find yoga from regular gym exercises and how has it benefited you?
Yes, I do practise yoga. I believe that not only does yoga help you tone your body, but it calms your mind and spirit as well. It’s a great stress buster and most importantly, it helps in bringing a sense of well-being and immense positivity to your life.

What is a bigger challenge? Maintaining your diet or weight?
I think the bigger challenge is maintaining a diet.

How important a role does your diet play in looking good?
For me it’s a combination of diet and exercise that helps you look your best. Diet is very important since the things you eat affect your health. But I just make it a point to see that I follow a well-balanced diet and try and avoid overeating as far as possible.

What is your typical workout routine?
An hour of exercise a day --- either yoga or outdoor training, jogging, crossfit.

With a hectic life that includes lots of travelling and shooting, how do you manage to stay fit?
I always watch my diet and ensure that I exercise on a daily basis, even when I am out of town.

How often do you cheat on your diet and with what?
I don’t really cheat on my diet. I don’t feel guilty about eating anything. I only feel guilty if I overeat.

One thing you love eating and cannot live without?
I love to binge on digestive chocolate biscuits. But I cannot do without salads, greens and veggies.

If not a model or an actor, what would Jacqueline be doing now?
I think I would be a journalist, if not an actor.

Some tips on healthy eating for your fans.
Breakfast: Oats, eggs whites and fresh juice or green tea.
Lunch: Try and eat brown rice, dal; a lot of veggies and salad is a must.
Dinner: Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day. It should incorporate more proteins, less carbs; so fish or chicken and greens.

Arrange in ascending order --- looks, figure, mental and physical health.
Mental and physical health

  • Favourite Movie: Legends of the Fall
  • Favourite Dish: Sushi
  • Fitness Mantra: Combination of loads of jogging, swimming and yoga.
  • What is Love: Companionship
  • Sex: Human need
  • Infidelity: Unacceptable
  • Biggest Fear: Letting down my parents
  • Biggest Crush: Jamie Oliver
  • Status: Single
  • Sports: Exciting and fun!

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