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Lara Dutta on Healthy Living
Parul Chabra
From shaking a leg with Kylie Minogue to becoming a certified deep sea diver - good enough to host an underwater series for the National Geographic Channel - Lara Dutta has done it all. Answering the trickiest of questions with panache is something this brainy beauty is used to, evident in her interview score of 9.99 at the Miss Universe competition.

Q. How important is Healthy Living?
Lara: I have always had a holistic approach towards life. I am a pure vegetarian and don’t smoke or drink. For me healthy living is the mantra to have a healthy, fit and toned body.

Q. Health, wealth and wisdom - which one is the most important?
Lara: I think wisdom is very important out of the three. One can become both healthy and wealthy with wisdom.

Q. For all the overweight unhappy people, what is your message and tip?
Lara: I feel nobody is overweight by choice, so there is no secret mantra behind it. What one needs is a change in perspective and attitude to fight obesity..So my advice to all you unhappy overweight people is to start looking within yourself to discover that you are one of your kind, Always love yourself and be happy.

Q. What is your workout schedule?

Lara: I follow three-day weight training and a three-day yoga schedule, plus a six-day cardio regime. My personal trainer assists me in all my workout schedules, which averages around 1.5 hrs a day.

Q. Do you believe in cosmetic surgery?

Lara: I have never had cosmetic surgery so I didn’t think of it much. But yes, for a woman it means a lot, especially in my field. You start loving yourself with it and it gives you that ‘aha’ moment in your life. If it boosts your confidence, go ahead and do it. Don’t get obsessed and overdo it though.

Q. Who is your guru- spiritual and general?
Lara: Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji has been my guru. I don’t idolize anyone, but yes I do admire a lot of people.

Q. Do you practice meditation?
Lara: Oh, yes. It has been eight years now. I started during the Miss India training and it has helped me a lot.

Q. What is your daily routine? Aand how stressful can your glamorous life get?
Lara: I am an early riser. I work 13 hours a day which is no doubt stressful but I spend my Sundays playing with my niece. And I ardently love my dogs.

Q. What does charity and education mean to you?
Lara: I think charity is a wrong term to use; it should be called social responsibility. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction when I overextend myself for a good cause or a person in need. My profession has given me an opportunity to work towards noble gestures which gives a kind of fulfillment to my life. Education I feel is really important, and especially for women who are coming forward these days and looking ahead for a change.

Q. What is your favorite food and what do you eat everyday? Does crash diet help?
Lara: I am a foodie and enjoy all cuisines - Thai, Punjabi Chinese. I’m a vegetarian and proteins in my diet come from eggs and dals. I don’t eat soya. Crash dieting doesn’t help at all. It takes a toll over you - mentally and physically. Make a life style change instead. I eat seven small meals a day and drink lots of water.

Q. What does laughter mean to you, considering you many roles in comic flicks? Do you believe in April Fool’s Day?

Lara: Laughter is the essence of life. Most people frown these days… I wish people would laugh more often. April Fool’s Day, very simply put, gives you an opportunity to laugh, and I love it for that. April anyway is a good month - a month of infants, of rejuvenation and happiness. And also, I was born on the 16th of April.


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