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January 2011
Komang Arnawa
Life of a bodybuilder…
Shruthi Pendyala R
Take one look at this hunk from Bali and my hidden agenda behind my insistence for a phone interview will be crystal clear. I was spared the nagging urge to tuck in my tummy and hide my arms (not that I aim at being a body builder as my feminine self stops me).

So sitting, muscles relaxed, without a care in the world, I rung his number. A few rings later he answered with a voice that does justice to his many a title winning body. What follows is my interview with him.

1.What about bodybuilding stimulates you?
enjoy the sensation of feeling fresh after working out as it helps me manage stress, which in turn helps me have a positive outlook on all aspects of life. There is no external factor that I look towards for motivation, it comes from within me. I want to look good and enjoy both the mental and physical challenges bodybuilding presents. It has helped me gain a deeper awareness of what is possible to demand from my body - mind, body, and spirit. Bodybuilding is a really tough sport, requiring great dedication, commitment and focus. Once acquired however, these traits can be applied to many areas of your life. You gain a deeper level of self confidence with this awareness that you have pushed yourself to the ultimate limit and survived. Now I feel like anything is possible!

2.What does a typical training session consist of?
My life these days is extremely busy. However, I always make time to train every day. The type of training, the duration and the intensity of the training is largely dependent on my work schedule and the time I have to train with adequate rest. My commitment to regular and intensive training over more than a decade means I don't have to spend too much time at the gym anymore. Yes, I make sure I do push ups and crunches when I get up in the morning and I always eat clean - having a diet meal the whole year round has helped me to keep in shape at all times. Smoking and drinking is not in my dictionary.

3.What adversities have you had to overcome?
Bali is my island and in the 1990s, body building was not as popular as it is now. I had two dumbbells made from cement and every morning, I would do dumbbell curls. It was a great exercise for the biceps. Whenever I went to train at the local gym, people (even friends) would undervalue my chance to win on the International circuit. As a fitting answer, I won the Pro World International competition in 2004. Unfortunately, the promoter of that event did not keep his promise in transferring my prize money. Until this day, I have never been paid. I was so disappointed. However, the experience was a valuable lesson for me to “Expect the unexpected.”

When I returned home, everyone was so happy to have a World Champion from Bali. From this reaction, what I have learned is that the status and importance of a World Champion cannot be measured with money. It has its own value, which is priceless.

4.Tell me about your involvement with Bio Resurge, the famous 28-day fitness clinic conducted in Goa.
My role with Bio Resurge is as a manager/ programmer to ensure Bio Resurge's programme runs smoothly. I am looking forward to sharing my expertise to help our clients achieve their goals in fitness. I hope to encourage them to view physical activity as an important and necessary part of a balanced lifestyle; and also hope they will consider a knowledge of fitness as valuable, which they can pass on to their loved ones.

5.They say “a man’s belly talks about his prosperity”. What do you say?
There is also a common saying “You are what you eat”. When you are eating lots of donuts, you will look like a donut. This has nothing to do with a sign of wealth but is a sign of a lack of knowledge of healthy living. Do we want this misconception to be passed on to our next generation? You be the judge.

6.In your opinion, where does India stand on the global health podium?
I have seen a lot of obesity in India, and through my experiences with Bio Resurge's programme, have seen that some of our Indian clients have a fragile mentality and give up quickly when it comes to incorporating fitness as part of their routine. They have a desire to get fit and healthy, but are not yet ready for the process needed to get there.

In many other western countries, fitness is a big part of their regular and important as food. While in India, people are still testing the water.

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