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January 2012
Kalki Koechlin
Her stay-slim secret!
In a freewheeling conversation, Kalki Koechlin talks about her movies, romance and about her diet and fitness. Lubna Parveen from B Positive takes note ...

Q:From Pondicherry, to Ooty, to London to Mumbai. How would you describe this journey?
I wouldn’t want it any other way; it has given me perspective and respect for many different cultures and ways of thinking.

Q: How different is your career in the theatre from your journey in
Bollywood so far?
Theatre has been more consistent; people treat me the same as they always have,whereas with Bollywood comes fluctuating attention depending on the movies we do.

Q: You have an exuberance about you that is unmatched; where
does that come from?
I don’t know. I feel like I was born yesterday and have so much to learn. I have this constant feeling that I need to dig deeper.

Q: Coming from a family that has a French lineage and those who
are devotees of Shri Aurobindo; what is your take on life, religion
and the current situation
I think we all need to form our own ideas, opinions and journeys in life, and not just blindly follow what other people tell us to do. My most important philosophy is to keep learning and growing, even on your death bed. There is no age to stop learning. And when I look at the current state of affairs, I feel that there is just so much to do, both personally and outwardly. There is no limit to how much we can contribute.

Q:Were you always interested in art and theatre?
Yes! Not consciously, but when I look back, I was doing theatre in school since the age of nine and my strongest subjects were English literature, history and philosophy.

Q:What’s your key mantra for a happy married life? What role does
romance play in your life?
Lots and lots of love! When you’re just giving the other person love, then everything automatically follows -- respect, kindness, reassurance, fun, etc.

Q:From auditioning for Anurag to being directed by him and now
directing him, what is it like?
Anurag thankfully, is the same person I’ve always known. It would be so easy for him to be arrogant and stubborn just because he’s older and gone through so much more. He’s actually like a child, always humble and wanting to learn more. I love that about him, and I don’t think we direct each other so much as inspire each other

Q:What brought you back from London?
Home! I missed home badly after four years in London. Mostly, I missed family and friends, and the culture which I understood better here. Little things like the ability to share your tiffin or your clothes, or drop in at a friend’s without warning, something which people are too busy to do in London most of the time are things I missed most. And of course, I missed sunshine!

Q: How often do you workout? Is it great metabolism or do you
workout extensively to keep lean and fit?
I am very lucky! As a teenager, I was slightly chubby and did loads of aerobics to lose weight. I think I’ve managed to lose my baby fat so I don’t have to work out too much. Now the only regular activity I do is swimming and I love it.

Q: What role has fitness played in the way you look?
I find that when I’m physically expending energy, I’m much more mentally positive. After an hour of swimming, I feel charged and more concentrated to do my work.

Q: Have you ever gone on a crash diet?
Yes, when I was 18. But it was not so much a diet as starving myself. In the university, there was this obsession with being thin and I would skip meals, eat once a day. But it never worked because I’d end up stuffing myself in that one meal. I really don’t think crash diets work.

Q: Are regular check-ups important to you? How often do you go for one?
Every six months or so… I think with the hectic schedules and travelling it’s important to keep a check on health.

Q: What is your take on being vegan? Do you consider being vegan over a non-vegetarian and why?
Although I am not a big meat eater, I would find it too difficult to get all my proteins from a vegan diet especially when travelling outside of India.

Q:Do you follow any kind of shift or difference in diet patterns while you’re shooting and when not?
Not really, I stick to the light subzi, dal and roti kind of diet on and off shoots. But I add
a lot of fresh juices, lassis and soups when shooting, to keep my energies up.


Breakfast: Either oats with nuts and honey, or two eggs with toast

Lunch: Rice with some curry like chicken curry or rajma, also chaas or yoghurt, fresh green chilli

Dinner: Roti, subzi and dal

Snacks: Tea, fresh juices, Shrewsbury biscuits; sometimes cheese and crackers
Q: Do you believe in taking dietary supplements or any other vitamin supplements for weight loss?
No. Any supplement is a kind of dependency and the minute you stop taking it, all the problems come back. Weight should be gained or lost by being consistent in exercise and diet.

Q: Which is your favourite sport and why?
How does it contribute in keeping you fit?
I love swimming because it is not a hot tiring exercise. It refreshes me and gives me my space to think over stuff

Q: Are you conscious about tracking your weight? What do you do to avoid putting on weight?
No, thankfully I don’t put on weight easily. I believe in exercise rather than dieting. I love food too much to sacrifice things like chocolate cake! Though I don’t have an intensive
workout regimen I swim regularly and do yoga.

Rapid Fire

Kalki’s Eat Healthy Tip: Water, lots of it!! Buy products from the local markets and not from supermarkets; they are fresher and still in their natural form.

Kalki’s Quick Fitness Tip:Change your exercise routine so that you don’t get bored of it, or do something that is fun, that you like, such as dancing.

Kalki’s Quick Make-Up Tip: Less is more.

Kalki’s Diet Secret: Always eat what you crave for, but just in small quantities like bite-size brownies; so that way, you don’t end up bingeing.

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