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august 2012

Hairstyle Hysteria It Is…

Rod Anker
Athletes and sportspersons train hard and are constantly involved in keeping themselves fit for better and improved performance. But let’s agree that these are times when the hairstyles of our cricketers, soccer players, tennis sensations and the rest of the sports stars engage us,

as much as their on-field trials and tribulations. By the looks of it, going short or wearing up seems to be the choice option!

For men of course there would be the simple option of short but this too can have variation if you get a little quirky— shorter sides cropped in very close with a disconnected top area that can be put up whilst exercising and left down when any variation or change in look is not desired!

Women athletes are most comfortable with wearing the hair up and high! Low pony can also be worn keeping in mind the sport and comfort levels. It’s best to hold the hair back or up in a ponytail so that the flicks don’t come in the way while you’re on the tracks or swimming.

Men Can Go Wild
The spike is always in! A super easy and yet stylish hairdo, there are many looks to it, such as the Mohawk, Faux- Hawk, Emo Hair, Punk, Porcupine or the Flat Top Hair. The best part about this hairstyle is that it can make one stand out, helps you achieve the absolutely wild and dangerous look.

Buzz is everywhere and does not mean foregoing style! It works well though for bald thinning hair. Known as the Buzz, Crew or Flat Top haircut, this one helps in blending the thinning hair with the rest and also helps to add more masculinity to the face. Short sides and leaving the top slightly longer is what best describes a Crew cut. You can also experiment with or buzz it off and leave the top a lot longer and have it fall over the bottom.

Buzz can give you an edgy look! It looks perfect for men who have good hair growth and straight hair that grows out evenly to achieve the perfect buzz. Wear a good attitude to carry off this look.

Women Can Wear It Bold
Short/long and neat
Woman into sports and athletics are generally comfortable with a short haircut that doesn’t come in the way of their performance. However, one can keep the hair long provided it’s not very thick and easy to tie up and hold back.

Crop it off! This can be classy, sophisticated and easy to handle for women athletes. Various crop hairstyles for women include the pixie cut, short shag, curly bob or the blunt bob.

Spike short Perfect for sportswomen and athletes who want to look different and also stay comfortable. Add a red tinge to that and you are sure to look fierce and bold!
Styling Tips For Men
  • For Spikes, use a styling gel to give your hair the shape you want. Still better, use a paste for an easy, no fuss styling! It will keep the look in place and not too stiff. Gel can make the hair hard and will not feel too good if you start to perspire. You can also use a light hair spray in the end to keep the hair in place.
  • A Buzz can be achieved by using electric clippers that gives a uniform cut. Adjustable blades can help you switch the length of the cut you prefer. Cut the hair against the growth. For variations leave it to experts unless you’ve become one yourself with practice. Wet your hair before doing a Buzz. This makes the hair soft, and pulls the hair out straight, such that when your hair dries it will seem closer to your scalp.
Styling Tips For Women
  • For a classic bob, gather all the hair on one side with a brush. Side sweep, add some shine serum to add lustre and keep the hair in place.
  • For high volume short hair, blow dry and lift the top to create some volume. Apply some styling cream and use a hair spray to keep it in place.
  • For a sophisticated crop, blow dry to keep the hair close to your scalp. When the hair dries up, divide it. Add some shine serum to avoid frizz.
  • For a short crop or bob with bangs in front, blow dry and add shine serum to separate the bangs across the forehead.

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