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Especially for teenagers

Cory Walia: Tips to Razzle and Dazzle This Pooja Season 2

Chitra Sanam with Cory Walia


The evening look

The evening look is far richer than the day look. For the festive look at night, add more drama by using a variety of jewel tones.

  • Make your eyes the highlight feature, using metallic shades. Choose from an exciting range of eye shadows and liners in metallic shades of copper, pewter, brown and gold that are now available.
  • Your lips remain matte. Roll on translucent gloss in metallic lustre for a hint of glamour. The sticking together lustrous look is out, though. Use a dark matte lip liner for defined dark lips in red, bronze, burgundy. Make it a proper full lip.
  • Do up a smokey background on the eye. Use thick black liner and blend kajal upwards and smudge. Make sure it doesn't look untidy. Use a jewel tone eyeliner close to the eyelashes. Pick shades from your outfit or jewellery. It makes for a very 'happening' look.
  • Finish with a bronze blush.
Paled makeup can be a put off. If you are dancing all night long, or will be at a late night gathering, take care to look fresh.
  • Use waterproof or water resistant foundation.
  • Use a lip pencil to outline full lips and then use lip gloss and lipstick.
  • Have a compact ready for touch ups. 

Especially for teenagers

Teenagers, experiment with more colours. Focus on giving yourself a vibrant look. When it comes to eye makeup, remember that the Smitha Patil look is out. Instead, Kareena Kapoor's neat look is in.
  • Inky blues, ultra marine blue, brown, copper, moss green, jade green, turquoise blue and the like - with kaajal - will give a stunning look.
  • Soft, shimmery eye shadow in neutral shades that match jewellery – corals, mauves and peeches, combined with lovely, scintillating lips, makes for a very hip look.
  • Remember, the older you get, your make up begins to take on a subtler look. But that doesn't mean you skip the drama!
Health looks good on me!.
  • Women's looks are so directly related to lifestyles. Hurried lifestyles, the way we cook and eat has to change.
  • Good health is the key to looking good. The secret lies in balance and proportion.
  • Pigmented lips are a sign of anemia. In India 75 per cent women suffer from anemia. Anemia starts in the womb!
  • We have high instances of metabolic imbalances and disorders that lead to diabetes, cardiac problems, thyroid and ovarian diseases, among others. So many women tend to swallow food without chewing. That doesn't break down carbs and it leads to diabetes. We have to chew our food 25 times!
  • Hair loss, dark circles are other pointers that reflect bad health. Without proper nutrition there's no way one can have healthy hair. 
Cory Walia is an ace makeup artist who works with top Bollywood stars, models and celebrities.
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