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october 2012

Braids & Bangs For The Bride

Vikas Marwah
A wedding is not karaoke. You don’t just wake up and perform while people egg you on even though you sound disastrously pathetic. A wedding has to be perfect in every way. Everyone wants to look their best on the occasion and the best of all should be and must be the bride. Every pleat should fall in place, the blush and colour should match your grace and no hair should be out of place.
So, if you’re the bride, you can’t let the others get ahead of you. Check out some choicest wedding hairstyles and be a stunner on your Wedding Day!

Classic Bun
  • Neat and elegant, the classic bun is perfectly suited to a bride who needs to create beautiful lines and keep hair off her face.
  • Once in place, you can accessorize with hairgrips and hair slides; choose a colour that compliments your hair tone and outfit.
  • Completely chic and classy, you can wear the classic bun sleek and groomed, or looser and accessorized for a more contemporary feel. You’ll always look pulled together and timeless in all of your wedding pictures.
Fresh Flowers For Your Hair
  • A single bold flower or a cluster of delicate blooms, add a romantic flourish to your wedding-day hairstyle.
  • In general, use larger blossoms with simple styles, smaller ones for more intricate looks.
  • Opt for flowers that are in season and are resilient.
  • Some flowers shouldn’t be used near your skin; for safety reasons, have your florist guide you to sensible choices.
  • Highly fashionable flower pieces tucked within the braided bun `look splendid.
  • Place a flower at the base of the bun for a simple, effective detail.
  • Having the flower to one side or slightly below the top of the bun is more elegant than placing it above the bun.
Long Haired Bride
  • Long wavy locks parted sideways on front with a puffed up top, and decorated with floral beads, looks feminine and chic at the same time.
  • Twisted locks falling on the shoulders with hair at the centre pulled back neatly, also makes a fabulous hairstyle for the wedding day.
  • You can tong the bottom hair in different ways to create all types of curls including ringlets and spiral winds.
  • If you want to wear a tiara or a very striking head-dress, it is best to wear your hair in a loose style.
  • Half-up half-down hairstyle with a heavy side bang and long falling loose curls looks great for the longhaired bride.
  • Bouncy half-up half-down hairdo decorated with a flower pin at the back, also works well.
Side Swept Bangs
  • A heavy side-swept bang in the front and top hair parted backwards, held in half-tied style, while leaving wavy locks to fall on the side, is a very typical Indian bridal style.
  • Create a mini-bouffant updo with side-swept bangs for a sophisticated look.
  • For a more glamorous updo, style the hair sleek and tstraight prior to styling the side updo. Sleek straight hair helps enhance the style of the updo and gives a glossy shine to the hair, which is perfect for formal events.

Pretty Braided Bun
  • Braids are very popular and perfect for any season, especially for summer. There are a variety of stylish braiding techniques but the most popular and suitable techniques are fishtail braiding, simple braiding or rope braiding.
  • French braid also goes really well with medium or long hair and gives a classic and neat appearance. Not only do the braids look artistic and beautiful, but also hold the hair comfortably to save it from damage.
  • You can opt for double side braids woven into a single thick lower braid for a distinguished look.
Vikas Marwah is Celebrity Hairstylist, Vikas Marwah’s Hair and Beauty – The Salon, Mumbai.