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Lasting Inner and Outer Beauty

Dr T R Karthik



Ayurveda can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle to ensure good health and flawless beauty. Mornings should be started by drinking a glass of water. This helps to flush your gastrointestinal tract and kidneys and promotes bowel movement.
At the wash basin, splash cold water on your face and eyes, and then gently massage the eyes. When brushing your teeth, use a soft toothbrush and herbal tooth powder made from Ayurvedic herbs. Gargling with warm sesame oil helps to strengthen your teeth and gums and improves your voice. You should also apply three drops of this oil to your fingertips and massage the insides of your nostrils.
Incorporating these Ayurvedic routines into your daily morning routine will help to improve you mental clarity, eyesight and voice, and also clean the sinuses. Meals should be eaten at regular intervals. The largest meal should be the mid-day meal. Early to bed and early to rise, will not only make you healthy and wise, but also ensure that you maintain the beauty of youth.

Inner beauty

Inner beauty is the second of the three pillars of beauty as prescribed by Ayurveda. Inner beauty comes from a heart and mind that work in harmony with each other. When our thoughts and emotions are not in balance, the result is confusion, loss of confidence, stress and worry. In order to maintain your inner beauty and exude an aura of serene calmness, you should incorporate Ayurveda and Yoga into your lifestyle. Yoga teaches many breathing exercises that stimulate blood circulation. This helps to ensure that your hair, face, nails, and skin are constantly supplied with an adequate quantity of fresh oxygenated blood. Breathing exercises such as Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma Viloma) or the Cleansing Breath (Kapalbhati) help to invigorate the body and mind and rid it of toxins and negative emotions. Meditation also plays an important role in ensuring mental tranquility and inner beauty. In fact, studies have shown that people, who meditate regularly, enjoy more beautiful and younger looking skin than those who don’t.

Lasting beauty
The third pillar of beauty according to Ayurveda, is lasting beauty. Everyone has beautiful skin and hair during their youth. But with the practice of Ayurveda, you can retain your youthful good looks in your advanced years. Ayurveda offers five basic techniques that can be used to ensure long lasting youth and beauty. These comprise of herbal remedies, food and diet, Ayurveda massage, yoga exercises, and incorporating Ayurveda into your daily lifestyle
Ayurvedic purification therapy
An important step in ensuring lasting beauty is Shodhanam, a series of Ayurvedic purification therapies. The most powerful of these cleansing therapies is Panchakarma. This purification therapy involves a series of natural treatments that should ideally be performed two times in a year. A typical session of Panchkarma involves oil massage, fomentation, and the administration of mild herbal enemas. Treatment can last from between seven to twenty one days. Panchakarma treatments are luxurious and blissful, and they make you feel and look young and completely rejuvenated.
Self massage
Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy daily access to a qualified personal masseuse. With the help of Ayurvedic self massage, your own two hands can become your personal masseuse. Self-massage when practiced everyday can turn back the years and make you look younger and more beautiful. Medicated oils and powders like Kumkumadi thailam, Sandal, and Red Sandal do wonders for the skin. You can also use pure, cold pressed sesame oil for an invigorating daily massage. You should massage your whole body and face for at least fifteen minutes every day. Don’t forget to take a warm bath after the massage to wash off any toxins that may be drawn out to the skin surface.
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