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The Zodiac and the Human Body

Y Venkatraam

It is a masculine sign ruled by Venus. Libra stands for ‘peace and harmony’ and whatever be the cost, Librans will work towards achieving just that. People of this sign are creative, considerate and compassionate. However, their interest in any person or product is short lived. Libra rules over the lower back (lumbar region), backside, kidneys and skin.
Irregular food habits and, sometimes, addiction to alcohol and drugs is the problem for this sign. If not controlled, the result may be kidney failure.
It is a feminine sign ruled by Pluto (in traditional astrology, it was ruled by Mars). This sign stands for ‘physical desires’. Scorpions are highly active, energetic and warm by nature. Scorpio rules reproductive processes, the colon, bladder, large intestines, rectum, prostate glands and genital organs. Excessive indulgence in physical desires is the classic weakness of this sign. If not controlled, they suffer from ailments relating to reproductive organs and the bladder.

They should eat a lot of fresh leafy vegetables, reduce spicy foods, and drink honey with lime juice regularly.
It is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. It stands for ‘honesty and rigidity’. This sign rules the hips, thighs and liver. Sagittarians are prone to gout, rheumatism and disorders that affect the muscles. Minor injuries and accidents come under the control of this sign. One should be cautious while driving and when participating in adventure sports. They should avoid heated arguments with anybody to avoid physical fights.

They feel healthy if they can spend time in the heart of nature near lakes, ponds and greenery
It is a feminine sign ruled by the planet Saturn, representing ‘drive and initiative’. The natives of this sign are generally talented and positive, but highly short-tempered. Capricorn rules knees and physical mobility. They should control their hot temper and sharp speech to avoid blood pressure, speech disorders and pain in the knee caps.
Greater intake of pure water and other liquids like unfermented fruit juices are a must to keep good health.
It is a masculine sign ruled by planet Uranus (in traditional astrology, Aquarius was ruled by Saturn). ‘Unconventional’ is the defining feature of this sign. It rules the lower legs, calves and ankles, circulatory system and the oxidation process in the body.

They should avoid ‘excess’ in anything and every activity they undertake, and be moderate and regular. Brisk walking for at least 30 minutes a day will help in avoiding respiratory problems.
It is an unstable feminine sign ruled by the planet Neptune (in traditional astrology, Pisces was ruled by Jupiter) and it represents ‘vague feelings’. Pisces rules the feet and toes, the lymphatic system and the spleen. Like the sign Cancer, people belonging to this sign ‘feel’ more than they ‘think’. They often feel insufficient physical energy. Still they carry on daily chores with their great ‘will’ power.

They should take high nutrient food, rich in fibre, to avoid digestive disorders and acidity.
Y Venkatraam is a practicing astrologer with expertise in Chinese Astrology, Palmistry, and Eastern and Western world culture. He also specializes in scientific reasoning of traditional astrological practices.
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