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The Moon and the Stars: Do They Foretell Right?
Y Venkatraam
The rule of the Martians
Take another planet Mars — otherwise known as Mangal or Kuja. It signifies aggression, power, and blood. Mars also influences martial arts, both in name and spirit. It is no coincidence that in Sania Mirza’s birth chart, Mars is well positioned. Her ground strokes are extremely powerful, fortified by her strong ‘attitude’.

Some of the best army officers, of those from the police force - and naxalites too - have Mars in an influential position in their horoscopes. They don’t fear blood or death. They are prepared to kill or get killed for their duty or beliefs.

So it is clear when you are born, there is a planetary configuration that charts the broad design of your life. If only one pays attention to this design then insecurities and worries that stress the mind can be avoided. It is indeed worrying that we lose sight of the finer details of ‘reality’. Somewhere during the journey, life’s design is lost. Then we keep blaming our misfortune, circumstances, environment or lament that other people are insensitive. The fact is, we overestimate or underestimate our strengths as well as our weaknesses. If a person doesn’t evaluate his ability properly, then failure is a short step away.
Follow the starry trail
Planets as positioned in the birth chart help us in measuring our true strengths and weaknesses. We should learn from our planets and their influence to take right decisions in life. Otherwise, history provides many examples of lives that have gone awry. For instance, take the life of Alexander the Great. The world is still amazed by his prowess in warfare and his ability to kill and destroy anybody who opposed him. But his untimely death explains that in his birth chart, planet Jupiter (representing wisdom/judgment) was ill-placed. Legend has it that his astrologers did not have the courage to tell him so.
Y Venkatraam is a practicing astrologer with expertise in Chinese Astrology, Palmistry, and Eastern and Western world culture. He also specializes in scientific reasoning of traditional astrological practices.
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