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June 2011

Tarot Reading for the June 2011

Maa Gyan Suveera

A very inspiring and energetic period is ahead of you. You will be eager about the new role undertaken. There is a perceptible shift in your energy levels. You will succeed in all that you undertake during this time. The card energy turns towards creating harmony in health; both in mind and body. Relationships are in a good form. The period after the 15th seems very hectic. The last week swiftly takes you across the work zone with optimal efficiency. Air elemental imbalance may cause discomfort in the health aspect, especially around the mid-month. Be cautioned of over-expenditure in the last week.
It’s a lazy month beginning, with a sluggish state of mind and attitude. You may lack motivation and will need sound reasons to push yourself to work. Though there is a general lethargy that surrounds your personal and work front, you seem to be showered with good opportunities and luck after the mid-month. The period after the 12th is especially good for investments and monetary gains. Something special takes your attention around the 21st. Spiritual inclination, matters of the cosmic mystery may take much of your mind space. The relationship sector seems balanced, health is stable as well.
This month brings with it pleasant surprises, growth in the work front, and increased turnovers in business. Overseas travel, relocation and spreading your possibilities in newer areas are in the cards. You tend to take hasty decisions around the middle of the month and may actually contemplate self-criticism later. Health may cause slight tension around the last week. There is an increased Air Element that causes inconvenience at the physical and emotional level. You may draw a lot of attention, and attract a lot of envy and jealousy from your surroundings.
The cards drawn for the beginning of the month take you to new places of tradition and interest. There is travel in store, visits to places of keen interest, relaxing and an overall period of no-mind. Important decisions and deals get postponed to the last week. You may also reject some job offers or business proposals. You will be more centered and grounded to work after the 25th of this month. The imbalance in the Earth element may disturb your health this month. Take help from the Water element to remain calm, and balance the other forces. Finances and investments are rewarding
A period of dynamic change and bold decisions; you seem to be in complete awe of yourself this month. The center card drawn for your work appears as a blessing, as you need this energy to steer your path ahead. There is action, excitement, encouragement and lots of planning throughout the month. You will intelligently make some compromises and come down in your expectations from others. The two major cards in your reading this month indicate high value decisions that will make a permanent change in your life pattern. Health and finances are steady.
This month is a wonderful period with complete focus and a perfect inner alignment! Everything that you undertake will have a quality of meditation to it. Harmonious surroundings and compatible relationships seem quite easily achievable. The fourth week is especially gracious and rewarding. Those of you, who are in love, will share very precious and memorable moments. Work zone seems safe and steadily progressing. There is new welcoming energy in your inner space, which promises tremendous growth and expanse.
There is a major achievement waiting for you this month. As you progress through the tight situations and trying relationships of the past month, this period offers you space and growth that is much needed. A major arcane that takes you through a twist in destiny is emerging at this point, giving indications of transformation into the next progressive stage of growth. The entrepreneur in you is spreading out the wings and trying to take off. A word of caution is hinted by the next card drawn. Don’t succumb to the mind prangs. Health needs attention, be more meditative and maintain calm within.
Game of the Fire and the Earth elements together this month, welcomes you with smart decisions, and bold, assertive dealing. There is sharing of energy, prosperity, and spending quality time with your dear ones. You overtake and outsmart many of your colleagues with your witty ways. You appear charismatic and magnetic to people. The last week is extremely rewarding and beneficial. Investments are fruitful; liquid cash may flow away since expenditure is high. Relationships are stable and grounded. Health sector is well guarded.
Warm and colourful energy welcomes you this month beginning. There is celebrative participation in the first week itself. High expenditure and time withdrawn from work may sweep the first fortnight. By mid-month you seem to become cautious, and work hard to shed away the clouds gathered around you in the past. Though the period is very encouraging work-wise, by the month-end, your mind may twist and turn to many shades of doubt. The sword card at this juncture reminds you to be confident of whatever you do. Clarity in direction and action is realised by the fourth week. Health sector, especially in the last week seems stressed.
A chaotic shifting in the elemental forces in the beginning of the month creates confusion in your state of mind too. The full moon on the 15th will bring in some clarity of thought and action. There is a possibility of being misunderstood by someone senior during this period and you realise the shortcomings in your expression. Be careful of the commitments that you make. Work zone seems to remain under pressure until the fourth week. A sign of relief is felt as the Fire element takes over completely by the last week. Health is steady despite all the ups and downs, finances are safe.
The ingenious, rational part of you becomes active as this month begins. Ruled by the fire element of high intensity, work takes up most of your time in the first half. There is an upsurge of creative ideas, projects and progressive plans. You will push yourself into making travel plans for the month-end. The moon travelling in your own sign may give you mood swings around the 26th. You cross another milestone as indicated by a major card and fulfill some old commitments or dues. Family life is enjoyable in the last week. Health seems steady, but for the last week, which has more aggravated energy. Finances are safe and soaring.
The month begins with handling small petty issues that seem meaningless and time consuming. Domestic matters also consume a lot of time and attention. It’s a trying period which may defocus you from all your undertakings. Take guidance or a second opinion before you sign any important documents. There is monetary gain indicated in the third week. There could be a change of job or starting of a new venture towards the month-end. Excessive fire energy around the mid-month may cause some disturbance in your health sector. Finances are wavering throughout the month.
Maa Gyaan Suveera is a renowned Tarot reader and a spiritual guide-mentor. She heads the "Ki Research & Training Institute" in Rishikesh, where more than 50 different Indian, Western and Zen practices are taught. She conducts Wellness and Transformation retreats at different levels and has been guiding people on the self-healing-path, giving love, light and peace to one and all.

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