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Annual Tarot Reading for the Year 2010
Maa Gyan Suveera
The New Year begins with flooded memories of the past. You also seem to be connected strongly with the mysterious flow of the supra cosmic forces this year. You are extra sensitive to emotions, and seem to read through people’s minds very easily. The work zone is silent and things seem to move in monotony. Financially, the period is good. You will receive benefits for the efforts put in the past. Relationships are in suspense around June as people try to figure out your preoccupied mind! Health wavers with the changing seasons.
As the New Year begins, you may resolve to be practical and think about that which is workable. You may let go of unrealistic plans and drop down certain pending proposals. Work area is very comfortable as you find yourself easy and relaxed with the decisions taken. Someone very close to you may not be too happy with your work approach. Your relaxed and efficient approach may draw envy from coworkers. The descending Air element towards the last few months causes unnecessary worry in the work precinct. Watch your health around March-April. The finance and money zone remains active as you intelligently maneuver through the year.
As the New Year dawns, you will be reminded of the fact that Nature rules over all the happenings around us! You will be lucky to get something really valuable in the first quarter of the year. You may gain from investments and out of speculative dealings. Relationships are showering love and understanding. The second half of the year is full of learning and discovering new ways to handle work. Promotions and credits may be lined up for you. Money sector soars higher than ever before. Health remains good due to a lot of self discipline and right action.
Letting go of your stubbornness and taking things as they come may be the lesson for you this New Year beginning! As the first few months unfold, you will unblock in the personal sector in such a way that it will surprise all those around you. Your social behavior improves and so does your rapport with people. Financially, the period could be more rewarding if your approach is practical. Keep personal enmity and business apart if you want to take the best of what is being offered. The Water Element is on the high mid-year, causing minor health disturbances.
The first quarter of the New Year takes you through a complete fire cycle. There will be an upsurge of pent up emotions and frustration in the work zone. You will find it difficult to get work done from others and feel the limitations of co working. The second half of the year is more concentrated in the elemental effect where you will take the responsibility of doing things in your own way. There is high productivity and better compliance towards the year end. Health and money area is silent, balanced, and also rewarding for a few of you.
A very interesting and lucky combination of cards is drawn for you this year; a very wonderful New Year beginning! You may be associated with new and auspicious friends. Pending ventures and deals may see the light, outstanding dues will be realized. There is a gush of new energy coming your way around mid-March which seems to be very rewarding. For those who have not been doing well in the past few months, the time is right for a restart and to make a fresh approach. Health is good in the first half, but a little imbalanced around the last quarter. Personal finances will need intelligent handling and consultation.
The New Year brings forth many new options and adventurous ideas! As you move ahead with anticipation and positivism, you will invite a lot of unwanted opinions from others. Keep your focus on and don’t get disturbed or discouraged with the streaking energies. A stable water card at this point is indicative of inner alignment around the mid-year, which will be rewarding in the long run. You will enjoy the company of friends and relatives throughout the year. Health and money sector is fine.
Maa Gyan Suveera is a renowned Tarot reader and a spiritual guide-mentor based in Rishikesh. She can be reached on:
Maa Gyan Suveera
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