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Annual Tarot Reading for the Year 2010
Maa Gyan Suveera
The New Year begins with the fire element ruling your work zone in the first half and the earth element swiftly taking over in the next half. For those of you who missed out on taking the right action last year, you will be given many more choices this year to reach out for higher goals. There is tremendous work load; you will be quite stressed by the second month. Relationships will be neglected in the beginning of the year and compensated by the fifth month. Unexpected gains and showers of luck may be in line around the mid-year. The health zone is balanced - you’ll be able to cope up with the minor ups and downs that come your way during the rainy season.
The Year begins with contemplation and introspection of all that nature has been offering to you in the past. There have been times that you have missed out and misinterpreted the goodies in front of you. The first quarter of the year, especially, will remind you of all that could have been on your side had you trusted and taken a step in time. As the summer begins around April-end, there is fresh loom towards work and relationships. You will act natty and try to make the best of the lost times. Your health cards are fine for most of the months ahead. The earth element weights heavy around October, so you may have to keep a check on your diet and weight.
There is tremendous load that you are unwillingly carrying on your mind! As the New Year begins, you will feel the need to be guided by someone senior. There is a lot of potential in that which is stagnated; yet the movement is at a standstill. You will have to reach out for the right kind of help and restructure the entire thought process. The earth card along with the shadow of a cloud is indicating that the mind needs sorting and prioritizing. Relationships and finances are smooth throughout the year. Health and wellbeing stays with you this year. Keep calm and acknowledge the blessings of nature.
There is a gush of fresh air that surrounds you as the New Year begins! A very old legal battle may end, or a very trying relationship which may have been draining you, will simply see the end. The maturity which sinks in after February will open up new options in work and personal life. Health, however, will be disturbed throughout the mid-year as the two aces of opposite elements are in prominence in your cards. Avoid overindulgence in food and try to stick to a time discipline to avoid the impact. Work and finances are good.
Family, friends and those who are dear to you will be valued and loved as the New Year sprouts. Your bonding with people is great this year. People shower all their love and affection upon you. The period is also rewarding financially. You may gain through speculation or investments done in the past. All the decisions taken this year may be directed towards the benefit of all. Those in export and overseas dealing will especially be benefited with this elemental combination.
The New Year begins with flooded memories of the past. You also seem to be connected strongly with the mysterious flow of the supra cosmic forces this year. You are extra sensitive to emotions, and seem to read through people’s minds very easily. The work zone is silent and things seem to move in monotony. Financially, the period is good. You will receive benefits for the efforts put in the past. Relationships are in suspense around June as people try to figure out your preoccupied mind! Health wavers with the changing seasons.

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