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Pranic Healing: Heart of the Matter

Vidisha Bhattacharjee

It is also the center of divine love, the center of divine union or yoga. Unless our crown center is activated, we will not experience soul realization or divine union with our higher soul. But before it can be activated, the heart center must be activated first. The crown center involves universal love. When a person does not have love for his own parents or relatives, how can he expect to have love for many people including other beings?

There are many methods by which we can activate the heart and crown chakras - physical movements of hatha yoga, yogic breathing techniques, mantras or words of power, and visualization techniques, aromatherapy etc. According to Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of modern Pranic Healing (a no-touch, no-drug energy therapy that is complementary to conventional medical treatment and utilizes prana/ chi or life energy and chakras/energy centers to heal at all levels of our being), many positive emotions produce pink prana, which is a type of emotional pranic energy. Pink prana has a cleansing effect on the chakras and on the meridians allowing free flow of pranic energy and normalization of the chakras and enhancing the body's ability to heal itself.

Musk and rose (rosa damascene) oil contain a lot of pink prana. They can be taken internally. Since many ailments are emotional in origin, the future is likely to see musk and rose oil used widely to normalise emotions, as well as for medication. The pink prana in rose is good to help transmute anger and other negative emotions. Rose oil also helps expand the heart chakra, and numb pain. When used on the acupuncture meridian for front and back solar plexus chakras, they instantly get smaller and cleaner and the heart chakra is increased. When rose oil is applied to the heart chakra, its size increases significantly. Rose has the frequency of 312 MHz, the highest level found in nature. It is great for relationship healing. Five drops can be added in your bath for a nice aromatherapy bath. Use a drop of rose oil on the acupressure point for the solar plexus which is located between the thumb and fore finger. For stress relief, rose oil can be used on the ajna chakra. Rose oil is good for people with diabetes or cancer; it also helps heal anger.
Using the ordinary methods like the practice of mantra or devotion may take 10 to 30 years or longer to activate the heart and crown chakras. Using the special technique of the meditation on twin hearts taught in pranic healing, may take just one a year or even less! This technique was used by advanced yogis in ancient times in different parts of the world. It was reserved for senior disciples only. Now this meditation is being revealed to the public.

Meditation on twin hearts is a technique aimed at achieving cosmic consciousness or illumination. It is also a form of service to the world because the world is harmonised to a certain degree through blessing the entire earth with loving kindness. This technique can also be used to harmonise relationships or to bless a certain company, place, city or country. The regular practice of meditation on twin hearts for peace and illumination gives a person partially the ability to ‘see’ and ‘penetrate’ very quickly. People with intuitive intelligence will become very superior. Meditation on twin hearts rapidly activates the heart and crown centres, which is necessary to achieve union with the higher soul.

By practicing meditation on twin hearts, one’s major chakras become harmoniously developed and balanced. Whether the abstract and concrete mind will be used constructively or destructively depends upon the development of the heart chakra. Without the development of the heart chakra in most people, world peace will not be possible.

This is why the development of the heart should be emphasized, whether we seek good physical health, harmonious and happy relationships, regulating negative emotions, mental peace and calmness, abundance and prosperity, spiritual development, service to others or contribution towards world peace and tolerance. This is indeed the heart of the matter.
Vidisha Bhattacharjee is a Certified Pranic Healer & Trustee, Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of West Bengal
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