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july 2010
Last Night’s Bubbly
Shruthi Pendyala R
When last night’s glass of bubbly still bubbles in your head the next morning, you know you’ve had just about one too many drinks.

The worst is when you have taken on to mixing a cocktail of drinks in your stomach - start off with just one glass of wine you thought, then what the heck, just one more and before you know it, you are running around the place holding a glass of just about any drink you can get your hands on; most of us have been there at some point. Its fun while the buzz lasts but what about the next morning - the Hangover?

Alcohol is diuretic in nature, which means it makes one’s body lose its water content by making one urinate. So by drinking excess alcohol you are losing out on a lot of water, posing as a problem as your liver and kidneys need water to process the alcohol. So when you lose water, your body struggles to rid itself of toxins causing a hangover.
You get up the next morning, still recovering from last night’s party as you experience dizziness equivalent to the hurricane Katrina and a sensation of nausea making the tsunami feel a child. What you need to learn at a time like this is, to never over load - drink in limit and drink safe, also you need to find that one hangover cure that brings your body back to stability.

When it comes to hangover cure, your friends will be the wise ones with all the advice they can throw on you, but how much of it can you rely on? If one tells you to try what’s known as the ‘Hair of the Dog Trick’ which is to get up the next morning and take a gulp of the same drink you had last night to rid your hangover - don’t fall for it! It’s as silly as the name of it. To save you from many a wasted efforts here are a few sure shot cures:

Don’t Do
  • Coffee or tea: as they are also diuretic in nature and will make your hangover worse.
  • Alcohol: drinking another glass of last night’s drink is not going to help.
  • Water: helps your body regain its lost water.
  • Fruit Juices: restore the nutrients and the water your body lost.
  • Lime Juice: as the Vitamin C stimulates the liver to break down the alcohol.
  • Energy Drinks: are good as they are high in electrolytes.
  • Fat: cheese, butter and mayonnaise are awful if you have a hangover, as the oily content will only make you feel queasy.
  • Honey: Eat one spoon of honey as this helps bring up your blood sugar levels to normal.
  • Eggs: eggs have a natural protein called albumin in them which has an osmotic effect that helps to rehydrate your cells after the dehydrating effects of the alcohol.
  • Watermelon: as the name suggests this fruit is 95 percent of its body weight in water thus helping restore your body’s water content.
  • Party again: two nights in a row is an awful idea. Drinking excess is bad enough; give your body enough time to rest it out before you even think of drinking another drop of alcohol.
  • Sleep: is the best remedy so far, rest your body and give it time to rejuvenate. Wake up periodically to drink water.
    If you have a doting friend, what you can do is, ask him/her to run their fingers through your hair while you sleep, as stimulating your cuticles will help relax your body.

Coffee and tea, like alcohol, are also diuretic in nature and will make your hangover avoid them

Remember that the best cure for a hangover is prevention – why get yourself into a situation you know you won’t enjoy? Be sensible and drink safe!

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