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The High Phi to Beauty

Chitra Sanam with Dr Bhartendu Swain

Under your nose
In India, the nose is centric to beauty and hence Rhinoplasty is a much-often asked for treatment, unlike the west where teeth takes a first place. Americans, for instance, aim to have perfect teeth and also like flashing them. If you take your focus off the news and instead pay attention to a CNN news reporter, he or she will try to find as many opportunities as possible to show their teeth.

With newer technology Rhinoplasty is a much more advanced treatment where the tips of the nose can be made shapelier; and if the wings of the nose are too broad they can be narrowed.  
  • With age, one’s perception of beauty changes. What you thought was beautiful when you were a child, a teenager or an adult are different.
  • With time, it’s no longer the face alone that spells beauty, it’s also having a perfect figure that adds to one’s understanding of beauty.
Cheekbones, neck and chin
After the nose, it’s the cheekbones that highlight the face. Some treatments that are available include facial liposuction and chin implants. The length, width and elasticity of the neck are key points of beauty. That’s why too many folds and fat deposits make one uncomfortable. That has given rise to the most difficult surgery which involves liposuction on the neck.
Beauty Arsenal
Cosmetic surgical treatments commonly available in India:
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Chin Implant
  • Facial Liposuction
  • Face-eye aesthetic surgery
  • Tightening of upper and lower eyelid to beat ageing
  • Face lift
  • Endoscopic Brow lift
  • Fat grafting, where fat is injected into the lips or beneath the cheek bones
  • For children, surgery can correct ears that stick out
Dr Bhartendu Swain is Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Health City, Hyderabad
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