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Breast Augmentation: Size Does Matter

Dr Shahin Nooreyezdan


Can I have any size of implant I desire?
It is always wise to discuss this issue of size with the doctor. The cosmetic surgeon will counsel and decide the appropriate size for the patient depending on her size, body structure and available existing breast tissue.

Can one breastfeed after having breast implants?
Breastfeeding is not impaired at all. The implants are placed either behind the breast (submammary) or behind the pectoraliss muscle (submuscular). In either case, it does not interfere with breastfeeding.

Do breast implants cause cancer?
There is no evidence to date, linking breast cancer with breast implants. The incidence of breast cancer in women with or without breast implants is the same.

Will there be a scar visible following breast surgery?

Breast implants are inserted through small incisions via the armpit, around the areola or the fold beneath the breast. Scars are not obvious, but will always be visible on close inspection.

How long do breast implants last?
Breast implants are designed to last a lifetime and give no trouble once well settled.

Can the breasts be enlarged further after a few years?
Breast implants can be replaced with a larger size if one wants. It means going through the same procedure again where the old implants are removed and new, larger ones slipped in.

Will there be any change in the nipple sensation?
Sometimes there are altered sensations, tingling or numbness. This is temporary, and things usually return to normal in a few months.

How much would breast augmentation cost?
The average cost, inclusive of the implants would be between Rs 1,50,000 and Rs 1,75,000.

Dr Shahin Nooreyezdan is Senior Consultant, Cosmetic Surgery, Apollo Indraprastha Hospitals, New Delhi.


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