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A Comparative of Some of the New Cosmetic Treatments

Chitra Sanam with Dr Daniel Sister

4. Body Lift: Getting Shipshape
Most often, cosmetic surgery is advised for those in the normal weight range but with a few problem areas. But for those battling obesity, doctors suggest bariatric surgery. Following Bariatric surgery, a considerable 40-60 kilos are lost with enough time to recover, which spans over two years sometimes. The individual can opt for a Body Lift - it nips extra fat, reshapes and contours excessive folds while promising firmer skin.

DOWNTIME: 1 week or 2
MARKS LEFT: A few scars
RESULTS IN: Six months or longer
COST: Approx. Rs 3 - 3.5 lakhs (as of Sept, 2008)

5. Injection Lipolysis: Resolve to Dissolve
Injection Lipolysis is a fat loss treatment option that is non-surgical. However, doctors suggest this treatment only for those who have small and clearly defined fat deposits.

DOWNTIME: few hours
MARKS LEFT: Perhaps a bruise for a day or two
RESULTS IN: 3 months or longer
COST: Approx. Rs 50,000/- – Rs 60,000/- for one specific area (as of Sept, 2008)

6. Smart Lipo: Flab to Fit
Smart Lipo’s a treatment that can even be squeezed into a 20-minute lunch hour! It’s as simple as that. Plus, you don’t have to check into a hospital or even stay grounded there. You could actually head out shopping right after your doctor’s appointment at the clinic.

With the use of laser technology and an optic fiber, fat cells are ruptured or destroyed. That means the results are long lasting. Once a treatment is done, it takes about three months for the effects to show, just like any exercise routine.

But of course, it’s the best option for only those who already follow a fitness schedule but have pockets of stubborn fat that no amount of exercise burns. The treatment’s available in London and also in select places in India.
COST: 1 – 1.5 lakhs (as of Sept, 2008)

A Word of Caution….
No Pain, No Gain: A fitness guru is probably the only one who makes his bread and wine watching others sweat! Jokes apart, he definitely knows that it takes hard labour to lose weight, and it is your best bet to lose weight and be fit, without the pain or risk of surgery. Even for those who’ve given traditional liposuction a shot, know for sure that it’s painful, though advanced laser technology busts that fact - no long hours, no lumpy after-effects of the surgeon’s cannula, no skin damage, no blood loss and no pain.

What Could Go Wrong: Though all of the advanced, state-of-the-art treatments paint a rosy picture, things could go awry if proper care isn’t taken. There is a possibility of an infection seeping in. Also, when fat cells are broken down, and fat is oozed out, it makes its way into the bloodstream and the liver then processes it. In order to keep the liver from being overworked, a series of consultations work better.
Dr Daniel Sister is a UK-based surgical cosmetic guru, sought after by some of the world’s swish set.  
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