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Cancer in Women Is More Curable than In Men

Dr Vijay Anand P Reddy

Early symptoms of cancer (Ca)
  1. Ca. Cervix – White or red discharge, inter-menstrual spotting / bleeding, post coital bleeding.
  2. Ca. Uterus – Post menopausal bleeding or spotting, inter menstrual bleeding or spotting.
  3. Ca. Breast – Lump in the breast, bleeding from the nipple, change in colour of the breast, retraction of nipple etc.
  4. Ca. Ovary – Lower abdominal distention, persistent pain in the abdomen.
  5. G.T.N. – Post abortion persistent bleeding, post delivery persistent bleeding, grape-like bleeding in young women.
Early diagnosis
  1. Breast self examination - Look for change in shape, colour, bleeding from nipple, lump in breast or arm pit.
  2. Bilateral Mammogram.
  3. Ultrasonography - of the abdomen for uterus, cervix and ovary.
  4. Pap smear – a five min outpatient non-invasive procedure to detect early Cervical Cancer.
Treatment in early stage cancer is almost always curable
  1. Ca. Cervix – either removal of uterus and cervix or radiotherapy.
  2. Ca. Uterus – Removal of uterus (Hysterectomy) followed by +/- radiotherapy.
  3. Ca. Breast – Removal of the lump and axillary nodes followed by +/- chemo or hormonal therapy, or radiotherapy.
  4. Ca. Ovary – Removal of the ovaries and uterus followed by +/- chemotherapy.
  5. G.T.N. – Dilatation and Curretage followed by +/- chemotherapy.
Tips for cancer prevention in women
  • Regular physical exercise.
  • Avoid fatty food, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Avoid obesity.
  • Marriage at the right age (20-25 yrs)
  • Early first pregnancy (22-28 yrs)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Avoid long term use of hormones
  • Limit the number of children to 2 or 3
  • Avoid multiple sexual partners
  • Maintain good vaginal hygiene
  • Get vaccinated – HPV vaccine prevents cancer of cervix up to 90%.

Dr Vijay Anand P Reddy
is Director of Apollo Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad.


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